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They can become part of the online advertising opportunity by simply visiting one of these online classifieds sites and registering. I' ll publish your classifieds on the most important human traffic websites. The user can select the chargeable services at the time of publication of the advertisement. After the printing deadline for the month has expired, the online versions offer an advertising opportunity after the deadline. The online entries are updated weekly.

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Once you have signed up, you can access your username and password by typing your access data in the field labeled Sign in on the far right of this page and choosing Place and Ad from the menus on the far right. Then you can type in your ad name, article descriptions and images or graphs.

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My Ads UpgradesGeneral Classifieds are free - Via " Token " Awardsed @ Registration - for up to 3 monthsAnd our rates for additional extras are difficult to beatThe example below shows various settings and information, along with additional offers that you can activate to give your offer added value.

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