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Post a general classified ad. On this page you can place classifieds in the paper output of the POST. Advertisements that are considered to be the best way to promote business online. Simple steps for placing online classified ads. You can place free classifieds for musicians and music lovers here.

Swiss Post Newspapers - 29 December 2018

On this page you can place classifieds in the POST output area. Information sent by you is transmitted to the POST via a "secure, encoded connection" (HTTPS) - especially secured and encoded so that it cannot be captured and accessed. You will be required to give at least your name, a telephone number and some information about your ad.

When you enter your e-mail or other additional information (in cursive on the form), it will be used to notify you of your ad, if applicable. For more information on using this feature, please visit our Help page, for information on trades & services and real estate advertisements, please call POST at 9381 3088.

Important: Please send only one ad per order per order blank. When you have to place many ads and do not wish to use this online forms, please send us the text of the ad (contact details) by email and then call us to provide your billing information. However, this is not a smart enough way to find out when several ads will be filed and accepts the ad, but it will be declined if it is reviewed later.

Advertisements for the purchase of immovable property may not be placed in the general classified advertisements. POST has its own property area. Property allows the integration of logo and photo elements and allows a certain amount of style and lay-out in advertisements. POST is currently not in a position to take property advertisements over the Internet.

It is not the Trading and Services folder. Advertisements for trade and services provide the opportunity to integrate a logo. Classifieds must be filed by 10:00 a.m. on the Thursday of the month of publishing of the issue requested. Advertisements may not be placed after this period, so all you have to do is to ensure that you receive them on good terms.

Unless you provide information about which editions you want your ad to appear in, it will be placed in the soonest available editions.

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