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Full Facebook advertising should be used against increased contributions. All you have to do is reinforce a contribution! An enhanced post is a Facebook ad, but the process is different. The reason why Dark Posts are the best Facebook advertising approach right now. Under Marketplace ads there are several ad options:

Advertising on Facebook vs. increased contributions: What is the difference?

Frequently, I get question from my customers on Facebook enhanced reviews and Facebook ads; what's the big deal and when should I use one or the other? Let us begin with increased contributions. Which is an enhanced contribution? An enhanced post is the easiest advertisement you can make on Facebook. Contributions are generated by the allocation of an ad volume to a contribution that is already on the companies' side.

The example of Fancies Flower's Mothers' Day below shows you that there is a "Boost Post" box in the lower right area. As soon as this is ticked and the Facebook page boosts, more will see this particular post in their Newsfeed. Contributions alone would only affect a very small part of your present public, which could only be 1%!

If you increase the contribution, you can make sure that a much bigger public of your choosing sees the contribution in their newsfeed. But if you are looking for a more customized advertising opportunity, you might find it better to use Facebook Ad here. Whats Advertising on Facebook? Advertisements on this site are a more sophisticated way of advertising on this site and requires a representative profile.

Frontbook adverts provide the largest number of advertiser choices and the kind of ad you want to use depends on what the target of your ad is. Among Optionen Optionen gehören are likes, clics to website, installalls, application commitment, site web site converting, events response, offers claim, videos view & locale consciousness.

A further advantage for posting advertisements via enhanced postings is the option to include an additional option that promotes promotions such as "Buy Now", "Sign Up", "Download" and "Contact", to name a few. You can see below that there is an example of a reinforced postal ad and a right side ad for Fancies Flower.

The Facebook Advertising Panel also has a Post Office booster box. Often this is confusing to folks, as it's not immediately clear that there's a big distinction between adding value to a post from the site or the advertising panel. Whilst increasing a post in both directions will look the same to your audiences, increasing the postings by the ad executive is a move up from what you can do directly from your website to what you are doing.

There is a major differences for marketers in that increased post advertisements have more targeted, as you can see in the tutorial at the end of this post, and the option to build them from the ground up in the advertising panel and not post them on the Facebook page (also referred to as previously unreleased, obscure or ghostly posts).

Have a look at my short manual below to see which functions each has.

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