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The results of the Google Place Page are displayed on Google. com for most local searches. Like Google, Bing has local entries as top search results. Australian specific directories should also be considered for inclusion in True Local and Aussie Web. You can also find many free and paid local directories.

Strengthen your local Google listing.

Create locally tailored advertisements for your company.

With Bing Ads you can present your company to your clients with simple to use tools and functions. No matter if you are a small to mid-sized company or a domestic franchise with a stationary shop, you will find locally based on-line ad serving tools to address and expand your client list. Contact your nearest client. Demand, enhance and advertise your service, and you can add extensive information to your offering that is simple to deploy for companies with one or more locations.

Facilitate calling your locals, no matter what devices they use - portable or personal computer, on-line or off-line. Call extension additions to your on-premises ads allow phone savers to tapping the telephone number in your ad to call your company. Down-line subscribers can easily see your number to call from their fixed network or cell phones.

Plus people on tablets or PCs can click your ad in your results for a free Skype call in the web browserscreen. Clients also need to find your company easier. Enable your location expansion to generate more shop floor sales and bring your clients right to your door. Information on a given location is still the most important information clients are looking for, and a click on the route description gives them an easier way to get to your company.

Use location targeting to deliver your announcements to the right audience and to get the most out of your money. Dedicated consumers want to help their neighbourhood stores, and they use their portable equipment to buy. Find out how our regional advertising can help you get to these clients with our regional and regional inights.

Once your locals are willing to buy, make sure they see your company first. Place your advertisements with your locals today.

Locations where free business ads can be posted

Traditional forms of solicitation can be costly; and companies, large and small, usually don't have a cent to be wasted. Posters and TV commercials are great ways to advertise if you have the cash, but if you don't, you need to find ways to make your company known. Possibilities for free advertisement and advertisement surfaces are easily accessible, especially on the web.

If you have struggled a little and taken the extra to write a play about your company, you can publish a free news bulletin on a number of web sites. It should be in the format of a regular news bulletin and should emphasize something specific about your company - not just the regular information.

For example, if you are opening a new business, providing a specific type of services, recently helping a fundraiser or planning a specific activity, you can post about it. You can also broadcast news directly to newspaper, broadcast and TV channels. Locate broadcaster and newspaper contacts on their web sites and submit your news item to the appropriate division.

A lot of sites, like and, have free classifieds for small companies that offer service. When you are selling something (such as automobiles or furniture), you can have your stock listed on these and other classifieds sites in separate category for each. Make sure you indicate that you are a retailer or a small company.

Read the site's policy page before you post to classifieds sites. "Launching your own weblog and adding guests to other weblogs are free ways to advertise your goods or more. They can also provide the author of the blog with a free trial of your own personal copy of your article or website in return for a verification on the website.

Launch your own blogs or guests posts on another site and add something informative, not just advertising. Submit a letter about a recent incident or a " "tutorial"" on a subject related to your products or services. If you own a cleaner, for example, talk about spotting - how to handle general spotting problems and when to call a specialist.

Invariably add your name, website adress, brief information about your expert knowledge and any other relevant information in a tagline at the end of any post you post, be it in your own blogs or in any other one. "Locations where free business ads are posted.

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