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Though there is no national network, I also mentioned the idea of "joint advertising". PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising) Web Design. Unexpected advertising has a high impact on your potential customers. You know any other places where you can place ads? Are you always advertising in the same place?

Fifteen strangely efficient places to advertise for you you've never thought of.

There' s a lot of classic publicity - printed, TV and wireless - and then there's everything else. In order to get through the confusion, an ad doesn't have to be perfect or have a killslang. These are the most surprising places where genuine advertisements have appeared. You can find more locations under BusinessWeek and Oddee, which drew our attention to many of these campaign sites.

You can find more interesting advertisements here:

The top 10 unusual advertising spaces

A lot of folks think of TV ads (which always seem to be just a little noisier than the show they're watching), never-ending pauses on their favourite stations, or maybe a convincing printed ad in a journal or paper. Working on a guerrilla campaign we found ten really unconventional places to place embassies that are tied to catch your eye.

Car park strips - Quest, Pepsi and Ford have all used advertisements printed on temporary car park partitions. More than three million strips were made! It' theoretically that businessmen want to use their laptop computers, recharge their telephones, etc.. Poker boxing - Cingular/AT&T carried out a NY region operation in which the top of the box of tract pizzeria was plastered with their message.

CBS actually produced embassies and the CBS emblem on egg shells in 2006. 3D items are placed on the street with embassies. The customer used papermaking dummies to advertise his "friends" advertising campaigns, and in New York they placed human-sized flasks that looked as if they had drawn the horizontal dots.

Tattoos - Let Your body operates an entire company with individuals who are willing to carry advertising tattoos. With LYB's wettoos only transitory, Craig's cunning actually makes subscribers willing to hire their bodys with constant news! Last but not least, legal naming - Humans are actually legal to change their name in order to encourage causes, businesses and hobby.

ESPN, transformers and trout fishing in America are all hot US designations. So what other weird places have you seen used for commercials, or what are your thoughts?

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