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We are currently looking for online support for our Work from Home Panelist Program. Picture of the online job exchange Here you will find some online job search engines. Magic Ears now hires a part-time home based online English teacher in Phoenix, AZ. Look for vacancies in Phoenix, AZ or hundreds across the country. Kansas City, Phoenix, Milwaukee, Louisville.

Career at the University of Phoenix - Homepage

Living our value and improving life through higher learning. With courage, integer and faithful to our missions, we are improving the life of our disciples, teachers and employees. Treating all human beings with esteem, we are open and honest in our communication. We work intelligently to enable useful academical experience and worthwhile career paths.

At the University of Phoenix, career is useful and satisfying. They help non-traditional learners, who are made up of a large number of learners, to acquire higher education qualifications that can help them make their life better. Whilst we certainly are offering great compensations and benefits, our folks tell us that nothing is more worthwhile than seeing that students are graduating and receiving higher education qualifications.

The president will answer your question about how the University of Phoenix is developing and what it means for you, your lecturers, and your people. Where' s the University of Phoenix going? The University of Phoenix is a nationally leading institution that helps working people and non-traditional college graduates reach their university objectives. In the course of our story, we have assisted our pupils in identifying new possibilities for themselves, their family, and coming generation.

Continuing to building on this heritage, we tirelessly concentrate on the results of our pupils and refine and improve the way we operate and assist our pupils every workday. Led by our core beliefs - courageous, honest, concentrated - we are committed to making sure that every prospective graduate has the best possible match at the University of Phoenix.

In your opinion, what are the most convincing arguments for gifted individuals to consider a Career at the University of Phoenix? Becoming a student at the University of Phoenix is an excellent way to change the life of a student committed to building a better world. Not only because we know that we cannot fulfill our missions and visions without their dedication and dedication, but also because we believe it is the right thing to do.

It is very important to us to listen to the voice of our nation. What made you decide to go to the University of Phoenix? I have always been intrigued by formation and its ability to influence us and change the course of our life. Every single and every single one of us at the University of Phoenix can participate in this magic event.

Working with all kinds of student from all walks of life, it's difficult to grasp what an incredible sensation it is. It has been at the cutting edge of so many emerging tendencies and has done much to make higher learning more available to historic disadvantaged groups. For a lot of human beings we are many things.

Different individuals with different prospects make the University of Phoenix their preferred place to work for a variety of different organizations. The University of Phoenix employees and lecturers are committed, ambitioned individuals who believe strongly in lifetime education. Men and woman who have made us their preferred employers are inspiring to know what they are doing so that individuals from all areas of their lives can study and thrive.

To be a staff member at the University of Phoenix is a valuable member of a tight group. While our online study programmes build a truly multinational workforces and our locations are national, we continue to be a unique and consistent set of exceptional personalities. The University of Phoenix is committed to personal and professional development.

Here you can see first hand how a qualification has a positive impact on an adult and their family, and how learning can improve our community and people. Our team consists of extremely gifted and committed employees who take their tasks and role seriously. Such men and woman are good at what they do, generously spend their times and knowledge, open to debate and put the student at the centre of any choice.

Our lecturers contribute a wide range of experiences to the lessons, as does their background. From primary educators, prosecutors, CEOs, consultants, and nursing staff, to Fortune 1000 companies and government experts, our department is a dedicated, dedicated, and dedicated resource. Continuous workshop, mentoring programmes, cutting-edge education technology and international career networking are just some of the faculty's many assets that make lecturing here interesting, pleasant and very rewarding.

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