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Pets Classifieds

It is a place where you can find a pet, or you can report about a breeding and breeding purpose of a pet.... Be careful when purchasing your new family pet.

Do not deal with sellers of pets outside the area and never communicate via email. {\pos(192,210)}Pet Businesses For Sale, Pet Jobs, Pet People. Raleigh News and Observer Classifieds free and paid classifieds of pets and animals.

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The Montana Pet Classifieds Public Group

Truly great with children and humans of all kind, very good with puppies, but not with other pets (In fact, his best buddies) have always been big puppies, and he would be most happy in a home where he could make friend with a puppy. It wants as much attentiveness as anyone is going to give it and will gladly step into the laps of anyone who comes into the home.

Trouble is, we have two more kittens we've had since they were all kittens. Over the last two years he has had increasing trouble with them. Since his best boyfriend (my 110 pound Rottweiler) passed away a few years ago, he has become more and more miserable here.

It has become envious of the other kittens and has started to torture them, to make them all miserable and to hurt the youngest from time to time. We sent him to our booth on the premises for a while, but quite far away from the home when we had a boyfriend who lived there and had a canine.

However, this boyfriend is gone now and he is back in the home and becoming more and more of a trouble. It earns more than it arrives here, because our other kittens don't merit to be attacked so much. Hopefully we'll find Jasper a great home, but we're a little timid to try.

Hopefully we will find someone with a big cat-loving puppy who is an expert pet lover and can breast-feed him through the passage if he has problems. As a good escort as any kitten, and deserving to be lucky again. So if you're interested in having adopted him, please let me know!

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