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There is nothing to buy here, but it should help us to keep the real classifieds forum a little cleaner. Personal or personal ad is an article or notice that traditionally appears in the newspaper, similar to a classified ad, but of a personal nature. Personal non-business sales items, searched items, general announcements, etc. Idea is to find many classified advertising sites that bring traffic. A good classifieds are websites that often and regularly direct visitors to your website.

Personally in the classified ads

Watch this story about the story of classified ads. Tracking the very first classified ad in North America to the explosions of classified ads on the Internet. A look at the classified ads shows us at any given moment exactly what we are carrying, what we have forgotten, what we wanted to find and how we were wooed.

Ranging from "Lost and Found" and "Help Wanted" to the savage and crazy universe of "Personal" ads, the section is an unbelievable chronology of our being. It is an archival excerpt initially broadcast on 4 February 2012.

That week at the landing.

Classifieds must contain 40 words or less; ads with more than 40 words will double the amount. Each Thursday at 12:00 for the next Wednesday's edition, the deadlines are as follows. Every 12 month, all paying members get 3 free weekly personal classifieds. There is no need to enter your credentials to file them.

Simply let us know how many week and include your personal postal adress. First 40 words are contained in the basic rate. Activate this if you want to use one of your free classifieds. We will ask you for this information before we process your inquiry if we do not provide your payment details.

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Liste der Abkürzungen für einzelne Buchstaben[edit]

Personal or personal ad is an article or reference that appears in a traditional way in the paper, similar to a classified ad, but of a personal character. It is also widely known in English as advertising in a column with solitary hearts[1] With its increase in its popularity, the World Wide Web has also become a popular media for personal ads, generally termed on-line dating. 1 ] The World Wide Web has also become a popular media for personal ads, generally termed on-line dining.

Personal ads are generally intended to create romanticism, camaraderie, friendship or chance (sometimes sexual) encounter, and usually contain a fundamental account of the individual publishing them and their interests. In this case, the text of the advertisement contains a clear code number and anyone who responds to the advertisement or supplies his response to the publisher's addressee in an envelop with this number.

Answering Lonely Hearts ads is another way to make phone calls, which began with the launch of phone numbers with premiums, giving the publishers an extra way to earn cash. Usually the normal commercial scheme is that the advertisers are tempted to place an ad for free (with a 0800 number or equivalent); the respondents (and also the advertisers if they want to search for answers) must use a tariff-link.

The fact that the price of newspapers is calculated on the basis of signs or text means that a slang of abreviations, coronyms and codes, which have often been transferred to the web, has emerged in personnel. Below are a few samples of shortcuts used in three-letter shortcuts (TLAs). For example, an ad with the words "DLF for SJT" means that a woman who is divorced from Latin is looking for a unique Jew among the transgeners.

Often the first character denotes the person's state of relation or sexuality: In general, the centre character is the ethnic ity or national origin of the individual placing the ad. It can be substituted by 4, which stands for the term for ("search", "want", etc.). In general, the third character will describe the sex of the individual (or the pair, if it is what is searched or sought).

In addition to the three-letter shortcuts of the above described formats, a number of other common names and shortcuts are used in personal ads at different time and places.

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