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Many people start a blog as a way to express their views or as a creative outlet. No, this scenario is quite common with people like you and me. Do you know that most people are not able to make money online and chances are good that you will too? Another podcast friend of mine, Glen The Geek, has a niche podcast for people with horses. When these people can make money online, so can you.

Young top entrepreneurs who earn money online

Now I have put together a shortlist of the top young online businessmen - under 25 years old - who are really amazing people, both as businessmen and as people. These young businessmen all have an enormous influence on the rest of the planet - and we can all benefit so much from them.

Speaking of effects, I am very happy to inform you that Yanik Silver is announcing the addition of a "Young Mogul Day" to his now famed Underground Online Seminar. Lastly - look out for a major upgrade at in the near term - we are currently making a major overhaul with some stunning new features, to include the profile of some of the world's best young business leaders.

Enjoyment of the listing - let me know what you think - and is there a young entrepreneur you know / marvel at who I was missing from the listing? Website: http://www.facebook. commWhy They Matter: He is the youngest multibillionaire in the galaxy and operates the world's biggest online community site, which is actually the second most popular site in the galaxy, not too far in 25 years, is he?

Website: http://wordpress. commWhy They Matter: Mullenweg is the creator of WordPress, the piece of code that powers this web site and more. Website: http://mashable. commWhy They Matter: People like Pete Cashmore make our lists because he has one of the best blogging in the whole wide web.

Website: http://box. netWhy They Matter: Established in 2005, was initially started as a collegiate program to split and save any kind of data and make it available from anywhere in the globe with an online link. Website: http://www.tumblr. commWhy They Matter: From his former work as a computer scientist on a parent website, Carp reinvested money in the business.

EUR 25 million from various investor, among them 2 leading developers with the favorite Twitter community site. Website: http://myyearbook. commWhy They Matter: Founded by Catherine and her sibling David in 2005, it has become America's third biggest community networking site, making $17.1 million profit in two since then!

Website: http://www.bizchair. http://www.bizchair. commWhy They Matter: He is a true businessman, at 14 he closed himself in his bed room and 3 working nights later his company was created! He now earns over $50,000,000,000 a year and sells online office seating. It was Sean's idea to inspire young people all over the globe to try to buy online!

Website: http://www.sitepoint. com http://www.99designs. com and http://www.flippa. commWhy They Matter: From their first website to their 20s, Matt is an inspirational source for hundreds of millions of webmasters around the globe who would have come to most people to find out how to make their website better. Website: http://twitpic. commWhy They Matter: Its website has evolved with the expansion of the Twitter site and, according to Alexa, is one of the 200 best sites in the globe.

Website: http://www.icontact. commWhy They Matter: Barely 25 years old, Mr. Lee directs and e-mail communications services, and is expected to generate $25 million in sales this year. What they are important for: And Jon has a great online community site named DailyBooth, where you can take a photo every single working day and put it all together in one little videotape.

Website: http://www.quicksprout. com & http://www.crazyegg. http://www.crazyegg. commWhy They Matter: Mr. Patel is co-founder of 2 online companies: Throughout these two businesses, he has been helping large businesses such as AOL, General Motors, Hewlett-Packard and Viacom to make more money on the web. What really distinguishes Neil as a top young businessman is how he has led many of the world's top bloggers to create permanent links to his website.

Website: http://www.psu. com and http://www.playfire. commWhy They Matter: He is 22 years old and is a serious online businessman with three great achievements on the web! Selling his first website online for $1.25 million at the tender of 19, Kieran has now created a new online community gambling community for which he has collected over $1 million in risk investments and still operates one of the biggest PlayStation fansites in the globe.

Website: http://www.mozilla. commWhy They Matter: Website: http://www.modcloth. commWhy They Matter: The ModCloth began as a small apparel company founded by Eric and Susan when they were leaving high-school. Continuing the work at the college, they sent clothes from their dormitory. In 2006, when they finished college, they agreed to continue the company and since then it has been a great succes.

Website: http://hypem. commWhy They Matter: Hype Machine follows the musical discussions in blog posts around the globe. Let people explore, hear and buy musik, write about them. Website:http://www.whateverlife. commWhy They mighty : Website:http://www.whateverlife. commWhy They mighty : They might Website:http://www.whateverlife. commWhy They mighty : Website:http://www.whateverlife. commWhy They mighty : They might be afraid: : She is already a multimillionaire and has taken the young entrepreneur community by storm. What's more, she's a great entrepreneur.

Website: http://www.missoandfriends. commWhy They Matter: Your company is now valued at over $19 million and is attended by million young women every year. Website: http://listen.grooveshark. commWhy They Matter: The GrooveShark was released in a privat Beta version in early 2007 and is now a giant online musical searching machine and streamingservice. The GrooveShark Group has 40 employees (as of Dec. 2007) and is part of the Escape Media Group, which was founded in Mar. 2006.

Website: http://amiestreet. commWhy They Matter: Everyone on the site begins with a very low cost track, sometimes free, and then rises up to 98 euro cent according to how many people buy it. Website: http://academicearth. organgwhy They Matter: In 2009, Academic Earth was named one of Time Magazine's top 50 Web sites, along with Google, Amazon and Facebook as well.

Website: http://www.zooomr. commWhy They Matter: Website: http://edmundloh. commWhy They Matter: In March 2005, Mr. Smith began his online work. Having sold other Völker e-books online (with re-sale rights), he scored great results, and then went on to create his very own e-book, called Loh's Guide To Private Resale Rights. Here's a list of his books. Website: http://clicktoclient. commWhy They Matter:

is an online merchandising masters. Ms. Lewis is Chair of Click To Client, a full-service web marketer. Sunshine travel around the globe and speaks at many meetings about online advertising.

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