Paypal Affiliate Software

Affiliate Paypal Software

It' easy to set up an affiliate program with your PayPal-based online store. Partner programs that work with PayPal merchant buttons? Find out how you can use PayPal affiliate software to grow your business. The LiveChat affiliate program pays via PayPal. In order to integrate the affiliate software with the Paypal standard buttons, follow these steps:

Affiliate Paypal Software

The Omnistar Affiliate Software is great! Can' t say enough about the Omnistar Affiliate Software and its outstanding client service. So I was happy that this software had everything I needed and was available. Looking for the best affiliate tracking software for my needs I have talked to several other software firms and a few networking sites.

Network folks spend more prequalification times than they actually listen to me to see if their software was a good match for me. Not Omnistar, they heard me, answering my queries and even telling me about extra answers they thought were great for our business.

Our customer advisor, Arlen, spend a great deal of our spare tire with me and my computer engineer to make sure we understand the setup proces. This was a delight, especially after I felt assessed by some of the nets I had talked to. The software does everything I could have imagined an affiliate tracker could do.

I' d definitely suggest the Omnistar Affiliate Software, but I don't want to tell too many folks, because that will be my own little gun!


It is the most widespread method of paying - and probably the oldest - in the on-line word, no wonder that it is widespread worldwide. Affiliate Track Software integrates with PayPal: The system collects your Paypal order ID and order amount and sends it to our system when a partner-controlled exchange occurs.

Customise it to your own trademark and use your own domainname in the following tracks. Generate personalised e-mails with your sound and your finger. Establish a customized top level domains for your affiliate site. Generate your own contributions and make them available to your partners so they can easily split them with one click. Limitless number of pictures, deeplink, posters, videos or videos to help your company expand and more.

Initiate custom email and other action based on your business policy.

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