Pay per Visit website

You pay per visit to the website

You can monetize your existing websites, social media sites and blogs for audiences and followers and earn more money. You can only complete it once a day, but there are many other ways to earn money. Earn money with your existing website or blog. Complimentary web banners for your website or blog. Optimized SEO pages that we could not resist, all our website designs are SEO friendly.

Funds for the visit of websites

You can pay up to $10 per registration and up to $0.05 per e-mail you pay. You' ve got 30% of the rewards from your recommendations. Companies pay for visits to websites and their evaluation up to 5 marks scale. 1-stage recommendation programme - you receive 20% of the recommendation revenue. As a rule, the assignments require that you visit a different website each visit, selected according to your interests.

Additional salary: 10% of the turnover of your recommendations (people you recommend to us) 5% of the turnover of your recommendations (recommendations made by your recommendations) 5 steps down. Paid for the visit of websites, registering in various businesses. Pay for recommendations. SPONSAROR who pays for visit, register ing, searching, receiving mail.

Two types of checks: $10 = 2000 E-Points and $20 = 3900 E-Points. The number of participants per diem is not restricted. Up to 10,000 E-Points can be earned for the register. Paid for signups and banner hits. Three-step recommendation system: for recommendations you give 10%+5%+5%+5%. They will pay you to register in various free services and visit advertisers' websites.

Four recommendation grades. Paid for visits to websites, registration with various businesses and much more.

Receive $1000 for 10,000 payed visits Classifieds Posting Data Entry Internet Marketing Link Buildings

Post free web-banner on your website or your blogs. Let yourself be rewarded for every user who visits our website. Earn cash with your current website or your blogs. You will be charged per click and per user. Complimentary web banner for your website or your blogs. Payment by PAYPAL, WESTERN UNION, cheque or immediate bank transfer.

We' ll pay you $0.10 per click and per user. lf you give us 1,000 visits, we'll pay you $100. And if you give us 10,000 visits, we'll pay you $1,000. And if you give us 100,000 visits, we'll pay you $10,000. Please review the website ([URL deleted, log in to view]) before placing a bids and please include "link reviewed" in your bids Thank you!

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