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It is the same as PPV (pay per view). If you use an affiliate link, it is easy to make money. Would you like to explore an affiliate marketing glossary that contains everything you need to know?

Best 6 CPV/PPV nets

We have many advertising and publishing sites that offer on-line advertising for your product or service. They can be CPC, CPM, CPV or fix costs notices. Advertisers must pay network operators to place or display their advertising on web sites or blog sites. Those network calculate from the advertisers in a different way.

Various billing metrics are available to the advertisers, such as the number of hits on each ad, the number of ad impressions on the site, and the number of thousands of ad impressions on the site. It is a very much loved type of on-line promotion.

Advertisers must pay when the website is visited by the visitors. This means that the advertisers only have to pay if the users visits the blogs or websites. Using Costa Per Click, an advertisers must pay every single click on the advertisements. We' ve compiled a listing of the best CPV/PPV networks for advertisers and publishers.

The CPV networking is suitable for both advertising and publishing companies. Marketers can promote their product and service through these media channels and sellers can make some good cash by placing CPV advertisements on their sites. Those backbones bill the affiliate a fee based on View. The CPV/PPV ad networking is not in a specific order or rank.

It is the most widely-used and leader CPV networking solution, the premier text links and advertising solution. Most of the high-quality data communication is delivered by this highly purchased data exchange system. With Propel Media, you get the best account management service and an easy-to-use user experience that allows you to optimise your advertisements to meet your needs in seconds.

However, the only disadvantages of this net are the high costs and the minimal payment. The RTX platform (50onRed) is now my number one PPV transport resource. The RTX Platform provides global aiming at a very low rate, up to $0.002 per view. The RTX platform provides not only PPV transport, but also In-Text and Display transport, which you can advertise on the same advertising medium surface, you don't need the need for a seperate invoice for In-Text and Display ads.

The RTX Platform Publisher Dashboard is one of the simplest and most efficient of all PPV networking tools I have worked with. In order to start using the RTX platform, you need a $500 fund. So the only issue I found with 50onRed is that some competing keys can be up to $1+ per view, but you can put a much smaller number of competing keys that can generate traffics at just $0. 005 per view.

50onRed's really great for traffic with you. When you want to begin PPV remarketing, I suggest you choose the RTX platforms. A CPV/PPV ad space for your Affiliate. Used by many advertisers because of its certain benefits, such as very focused advertisements in the large windows to improve exposure, improve ROI and target audiences.

The Media Traffic is a very intuitive software with a pretty simplistic graphical environment, you can start in just 5 min with 3 quick clicks and your support is very good, each client is equipped with a seperate accounts management. Disadvantage of this programme is the authorisation procedure, the advertisers have to sign the printed copies of the base forms and many other particulars, and then they get the authorisation if all papers are correct.

The DirectCPV is one of the most beloved and cost-effective CPV affiliate networking sites. Intermittent advertisements, full-screen advertisements, are shown in your windows when you open the page in your web browsers. DirectCPV advertisements save you a lot of valuable processing times because you don't have to build your own target page, but can build an ad in full frame mode.

The Clicksor is a much-loved on-line ad serving system that accepts all CPV, CPC, CPI and CPM advertisements. Disadvantage of this networking is that it inserts Malware into their advertisements or redirects. The ZeroPark is a recognised name in affiliate merchandising. ZeroPark is a premier CPV/PPV networking solution for advertisers and publishers.

It has a very user-friendly, easy-to-use and well defined plattform surface. ZeroPark is therefore proving to be ideal for those who begin their trip to buy one. In that case it also provides filter services. You can, for example, select Desktop & Mobile if you want your campaigns to get these two kinds of traffics. Hopefully you enjoyed this listing of the best PPV networks.

Tell us which is the best for you.

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