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You pay per link

On the secure pay per link portal. Try to avoid pay-per-link SEO providers as not all links are created the same way. Useful for all types of business. Related links come from websites that relate to your industry and content. Need inbound links to your site so you can rank higher on Google?

Pay per link: Firm, staggered prices for your search for your favorite search engine related SEO backlinks

Were you burnt by a link provider or do you have difficulties developing high-quality internal linkbacks? When you run an affiliate company and are building customers with a certain number of sites per months, or when you work internally and have montly odds, our Pay Per Link options are right for you. On the basis of your key figures, we provide you with a link at a fix rate.

Use our extensive publishing data base to grow your link build and link build campaign. SPECIAL: We DO NOT use pay ed backing link, directory or personal blogs network (e.g. PBNs). Publication is target-oriented and your linkbacks are calculated on the basis of your linkbacks. Our Pay Per Link options allow us to create contents that are desired by your editors so you can lean back, unwind and await your link.

Offers us a range of test sites for which we should create a backlink and the key indicators of your business, such as Domain Authority and PageRank. Totally NO HANDLING, because you don't pay until your link is up. We determine the most important publishers' set for your campaigns on the basis of your target markets and your link performance indicators.

With our individual publishing houses, our editing staff will discuss issues and then create original contents that are of value to the publisher's public. Our main focus is on content-related, context-related background link and byline authors. As soon as all your order contains a link, you will get a message containing the link url, the time of launch, the link URLs PageRank and Domain Authority and the link text used.

They are high qualitiy weblinks which are the results of real public relations work and precious contents. We' ve just chosen to combine everything in one single, staggered pricing system on the basis of your key performance indicators. The majority of your link will be up and running within 30 calendar days, but it can take up to 60 calendar days for your link to be posted on higher-level sites.

We need 30 to 60 workingdays because we need to spend our free hours on public relations, collaborating, writing contents and considering publishing houses and their publishing agendas. Our primary focus is on domain and page authority sites, but we can also consider other measures such as PageRank, Power*Trust, Trust Score, Search Engine Search, and more. This is not a "rented" link.

Of course your hyperlinks are up. Please note, however, that a small proportion of your link count may be dropped if a webmaster makes changes to their site, such as deleting, replacing, or updating web pages. For each link, you can tell us your favorite anchoring text and destination url, but we have the right to make changes to make sure that you have a genuine link history.

Payment is not due until we have completed your link order, i.e. within 30 workdays.

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