Pay per Email Affiliate Programs

You can pay by e-mail with affiliate programs.

Click on the link below to join our free email training series to learn more. To register in PPL partner networks, use the custom e-mail address. At MaxBounty we have CPA, Pay-per-Call and CPL campaigns to choose from. Is it better to search for a Pay Per Click program? FREE legal and highest paid referral program.

Jordan - Pay-Per-Lead Partner Program for Executives

Tired of posting your hard-earned revenue to low-ticket sites just to see pitiful 1% (or less) converted and high rebates? Let's face it, online advertising is on frighteningly competitive levels and making lineage affiliate committees that promote and promote product becomes tougher every passing day. What's more, the company's online advertising is a great way to get to know your business. This makes acquiring $2. 00 per administration just from sponsoring an offering, much more attractive and cost-effective....

Receive a royalty each and every times you earn a referral in the USA, UK, Canada or Australia through your affiliate referral. If your visitors decide for s-in, because they are interested in the product, and if they decide for the doubly opt-in, they get payed, just like that! There are no long complex blanks, just a name and an email that takes your visitors seconds.

What's new in the business, any opt-in that doesn't come from the non-Antier 1 country I'm paying for, I'll refer back to any links immediately after the opt-in! Those klicks can go to your rottator, affiliate listing, sell page or any other sqeeze page of your choice. When you sell your traffics, just think about the additional money you will earn.

That allows me to award you for every individual led you create, regardless of which nation you come from. I' ve divided my page to extremes, with 20 backgrounds shot to keep them cool, constantly convert at about 50% (worldwide traffic), and I' ll even pay you for returns from the exits that convert at about 10%.

Isn' this programme for me? No matter if you are a small marketing company or a great partner, my pay-per-lead programme can provide you with a serious new revenue stream that will be payed every month. Get a single fee for every US, UK, Can or Off lead you earn. Remember that incentive sales are NOT permitted at all, sales must be genuinely interested in the product.

Zero cheating bot or counterfeit email. Pay -Per-View, Paid-To-Click, Travel Exchange, Safelists, inferior goods or Fiverr transport not permitted. Advertise fairly, advertise honestly, broadcast good qualitiy and you will be well compensated! To get a truly automatic mobile revenue stream, just attach a simple flag or hyperlink to your thank you/download pages or subsequent auto responder news for simple money.

However, the sqeeze site on which your users will be landing is consciously a make money online/internet market place site with a general make money theme and therefore works very well with many types/sources of visitor activity. Everything from laser-driven email transfers to undirected rotary mouse clicking to exiting from your own square page is converted.

Here is a sample hyperlink for the page you will be advertising..... Our exits quote is a free piece of free business intelligence tool that always gets an outstanding answer and ensures that you get the best possible return on your commissions even if you don't bet on the first quote. Just participate in my Pay-per-Lead programme by filling out the following contact information.

Make sure you enable your subscription for joining by opening the sent email confirming your subscription and click on the email confirming it. It is important that you stay in the PPL partner mailing lists (you will get on average only one message per month), otherwise the unsubscribe will be taken as a signal that you do not want to go on and your profile will be terminated.

I' m looking forward to transferring large fee amounts directly to your Paypal bankroll on the last trading days of every calendar year..... Statistics about partners in live are not available, so there is no possibility to log in. Because of the problem of double lead deduction, this is also important for the detection of malicious Bot Lead that will not be accepted and lead to cancellation of the user accounts.

Lead's are validated/approved at the end of the monthly period just before you receive a statistical email on the last of the monthly period, as well as your Paypal fee. Of course, this programme is only for partners, advertisers and advertisers who can transmit and receive visitors. This is not for you if you are new to affiliate recruiting and have no way to generate hits, but you are welcome to come back as soon as you are an affiliate who can generate revenue, thank you.

Advertise fairly, deploy real humans and you will be well repaid for your effort.

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