Pay per click Publisher

Paid per click Publisher

For publishers you pay per click. While there are many benefits for advertisers, publishers often have to settle for less than impressive payouts. Publishers often have a tariff card that lists pay-per-click (PPC) in different areas of their website or network. Pay Per Click, or PPC, is an Internet advertising model designed to increase traffic to websites. The new publishers are contacted personally, checked and supplemented on a weekly basis.

Click to pay Publisher

Beyond the usual ones with customized advertisements that fit into the partner's website contents. Designed specifically for high-frequented affiliates with uniquely designed Web sites and applications, natives ad connects smoothly with related sites and generates more sales with your unsellable advertising spend. With Header Bidding, you' re the newest and biggest easy way for a publisher to add a small amount of prebid.js to your small format snapshot while eliminating your falls by competing with several DSPs for your audience while simultaneously lowering your overall bandwidth loss and boosting your profits.

Videos can be simply inserted with a section of Java script coding. Open up new sources of sales on a cost-per-impression base (CPM). There are many ways to incorporate VAST/VPAID, in-banner and interstitial videos, and slide-in players. It generates a plain Java script so you can incorporate the videos into your work.

Portable ad devices have become the most widely used type of advertisement, hitting desktops by landslides. Now' s the right moment to boost your revenues from our high-priced CPI ( CPI ) (Cost Per Install) and CPM (Cost Per Impression )/CPC (Cost Per Click) ad unit from proprietary and IAB ad unit such as banners, video and text ad.

We curate our fast-reacting ad blocks to fit the look and feel of your work. On a Pay Per Click (PPC) base, our affilates can monetise text ads with our advanced advertising tools such as Ad Feed and PPCML.

Receive high-converting, geographic traffic from our text and pay-per-click advertising banners using keywords and categories.

Receive high-converting, geographic audience from our text and pay-per-click ad banners using keywords and categories. Make above-average profits from your website visits with our state-of-the-art ad serving system. Design your own styleful and contemporary advertisements that match your website or your blogs design.

View advertisements related to content on your website or blogs and make money with legitimately clicking and/or posting imprints from your website.

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