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Pay per view (PPV) is a type of pay-TV service in which a subscriber of a television service provider can purchase events that he can watch on private television programmes. You can access Pay Per View in a number of ways. Choose Display Prepayment Details. See all; Sports;

Comedy; Music; Education; Adults. Are you considering adding Pay Per View to your video package?

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MAIN EVENT will be broadcast to your locationIVE and offers periodic venues such as UFC, Australian and International Boxing.


Pay per view (PPV) is a kind of pay-TV broadcast in which a subscription of a TV broadcaster can buy an event that he can watch on commercial TV. Meetings can be acquired via a monitor tourer, an automatic phone system or a livestream support team. Often the activities consist of movies, sports activities and other entertaining programmes.

Since the advent of the web, the concept of pay-per-view (iPPV) has been used to describe pay-per-view accessible on-line facilities. The PPV is most often used to spread fighting sport activities such as boxesing and blended fighting skills as well as sport entertaining such as competitive fighting. In 1972, one of the first pay-per-view TV sets in CATV, the Channel 100, designed by Optical System, began operations in San Diego, California, via Mission Cable[7] (later taken over by Cox Communications) and TheaterVisioN, which was based in Sarasota, Florida.

The early system quickly went out of business due to the adoption of spacecraft technologies by the wire harness industries and the popularity of pay TV service such as Home Box Office (HBO). The first pay-per-view broadcasters in the United States - Viewer's Choice in Demand, Kabel Video Store, First Choice and Request TV - began operations in 1985 within a few acronyms.

Viewer's Choice served both home dishes and wired clients, while Request TV, although broadcast to wired audiences, did not become available to satellites until the 90s. When Paragon Cable took over the Rogers Cablesystems San Antonio, Texas Francchise, First Choice remained in business until Time Warner acquired Paragon in 1996.

Pay-per-view channels broadcast in the United States without advertising, similar to traditional pay-TV platforms. Pro level wrestle has a long tradition of pay-per-view tournaments. The WWE (then WWF) started its first pay-per-view show in 1985 with The Western Classic and over the years has hosted many more. Pay-per-view meetings have also been organised by other large bodies such as WCW, ECW and TNA.

UK and Irish audiences can enjoy pay-per-view via satellites, cables and over-the-internet TV channels, mainly for movies, boxes and US broadcast professionals via Sky Box Office and more recently ITV Box Office and BT Sport Box Office. In recent years, the number of pay-per-view boxes has increased significantly and currently all top battles in the UK are only available via pay-per-view.

The channels (in particular PremPlus) have given up their efforts to launch PPV in other sport markets due to low acceptance. Canada is where most specialist TV operators offer pay-per-view programmes via one or more channels. Usually in all cases, the price ranges from about C$4.99 (for films) to C$50 or more for specific occasions.

Viewer's Choice Canada was a affiliate of a French-language PPV company named Canal Indigo, which is now fully owned by Videotron. In 1999, Bell Canada also introduced a PPV for its ExpressVu TV company, Vu! UPC Romania, the Romanian telecommunications company, has informed the National Audio-visual Council (CNA) that it intends to launch an on-demand audio-visual services company named Agerpres in January, February 2014 at the latest.

Smaranda Radoi UPC, the UPC Romania managers' company, says it will enable clients to view films on call or scheduled as well as broadcast appearances, concert and sports event. Canalsat ( "Ciné+") and TPS ("Multivision") have their own pay-per-view services in France, which was introduced at the end of the 90s. CanalSat owns the football match privileges for France's Ligue 1, while TPS owns the boxing privileges.

Multi-vision was discontinued in 2007 with the end of the TPS services which combined with Canalsat. Today Ciné+ is the only pay per view solution in France. Fight Channel in Croatia broadcasts art combat shows organised by the world's best known combat organisations such as UFC, K-1, HBO Boxing, Dream, glory WS, Boxing etc. and its pay-per-view services cover the Balkan area.

The Teledeport store in Paraguay has sole broadcasting exclusivity for the Paraguayan football major games in four different formats, vía Tigo Max and Tigo Sports. The Paraguayan Basketball League will be broadcasted on Tigo Max (K. O 20:10) at 19:55 on Monday and on Tigo Sports (K. O 20:15) at 20:00 on Thursday.

Tenfield producers in Uruguay, namely World Cup and World Cup, announced today that the Tenfield producers World Cup, World Cup and World Cup have granted the Tenfield producers World Cup and World Cup exclusivity for the most important football and baseball games in Uruguay, which will be broadcasted on VTV Max and VTV Sport. In the middle to the end of the 90s, Foxtel and Optus Vision launched Pay-per-View directly into home TV in Australia. While Foxtel had TV Entertainment (until converted to its present shape; Major Event), Optus Vision had Pay Per View Pay Attraction.

Since 2005, Main Event has been the pay-per-view supplier for Foxtel and Optus cable/satellite subscriptions. SkyPerfecTV in Japan offers one-click pay-per-view accounts to thousands of pay-per-view TV stations that broadcast national and global sports tournaments (including WWE events), films, and special programs either continuously or on-air.

Below is a listing of matches that have resulted in over 1 million pay-per-view purchases around the world. This includes closed-circuit TV (CCTV), pay-per-view home TV (PPV) and pay-per-view on-line streaming by iPPV. 5 May 2007Oscar De La Hoya vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. Select PPV Buy-Chips ( mainly from HBO, Showtime and Top Rank ) between 1960 and 2018:

Choose between 1966 and 2018 pay-per-view numbers (mainly from the Sky Box Office) - many of these numbers are BARB week data[207] that estimates the number of spectators, not the number of purchases. Muhammad Ali vs. Antonio Inoki was the first pay-per-view mix of fighting techniques to take place in Japan on June 26, 1976.

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