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Affiliated companies and partners

Building relationships with other organizations in our local community and at the national level. Browse the map (click on a country) to see partner organisations we work with around the world. and Binson's Home Health Care Partners and Subsidiaries. It maintains active relationships with a large number of important partners in the East Metro.

Counterparties and related companies

There is a need in all educational counties and district authorities for goods and service that keep them going. Ranging from plant planning to supply, advice on law, furnishing, student unions and more, counties and COE's have a lot to do to find and secure the service of large companies. His key approaches to this commitment are Business Partnerhips and the Business Affiliates Programme.

Potential partners are encouraged to investigate advertising possibilities that place businesses, goods and solutions directly in front of major educational policy makers:

Partner and associated companies - NACD

The implementation of nature protection on site is an extensive endeavour that would not be possible without a powerful ecosystem of partners, employees and donors. The nature protection areas work together with partners who are regularly involved in day-to-day operations at regional, state and federal level. Your most important partners in the design and implementation of protective actions are your clients - landholders, managers and other resources managers.

NACD's main partners and subsidiaries are representing a variety of groups and individual persons who have an unprecedented commitment to nature protection and a unique ability to address problems with nature assets.

It does this by supporting nature protection groups and other nature protection organisations for research, education programmes and PR work. The NACD Director of Projects and Partnerships Rich Duesterhaus can be contacted for information about the President's Associations.

NACD Support Services support the NACD by supporting the association's educational and fellowship programmes, play an important part in organising the NACD Convention each year, and act on NACD missions. The NACD Auxiliary in particular annually sponsores the award for the National Poster Contest and the Photo Contest and works to set up and support the auxiliary staff of the state nature protection circle federations.

For more information about NACD Auxiliary and how to participate, please see NACD Stewardship and Education Coordinator Diana Blackwood. In 2014, the NCF became the organisation in charge of the design and implementation of Envirothon, North America's biggest high schools environment educational contest.

One fourth of NOYF's award eligibility requirements are conservation-based, making a district a logical option for nomination leadership.

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