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We switched from another affiliate software to PAP. The Post Affiliate Pro is a much more advanced tool and offers much more features than our previous tool. Missspap is a one-stop shop for tomorrow's fashion today. The MissPap is a global fashion brand that ensures that you are always ready. Better Rest Solutions uses AvantLink and Share-A-Sale for an affiliate program.

Miss Pap Affiliate Program

Missspap is a one-stop store for tomorrow's fashions today. Featuring an expansive range of clothes, two-piece kits, skirts, denim, boots as well as high heels, Misspap has become a turntable for fashion-conscious young ladies looking for the look of their favorite stars and cones. Misspap has developed into one of the UK's top fashions retailing companies with an extremely dedicated and dedicated fan base on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other online communities.

Offering all the articles available at an excellent value, 200 models available for 5 and under and free UK shipping for orders over 60 pounds, there has never been a better way to buy with Misspap. Periodically refreshed newsletters with a wide range of brands. Periodically refreshed industrial size banner.

Special Affiliate Mangement.

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Affiliate Post Pro is an affiliate tracking and tracing solution for monitoring your affiliate purchases and administering payments and payments. Provides you with the full suite to administer your own internal partner programme. Integrated distribution, the solution provides support for tracing products, tracing coupons and lifelong commissions. In addition, it authorizes and denies provisions instantly when the state of the transactions is altered.

Affiliate Post Pro automates your whole affiliate programme. It' a great way to find, hire and administer your partners. Every partner is provided with a choice of advertising and advertising materials to support their work. It will also follow your partner's recommendations, referral fees, payout records and much more. Lean back and observe how your revenues are growing with affiliate branding.

For this renewal a Post Affiliate Pro affiliate is required. For more information and to register, please go to the Post Affiliate Pro prices page. Commission Per Aktion (CPA) .... the function Aktion Commissions is one of the flagship products of Post Affiliate Pro. This gives the retailer the option of defining certain promotions that lead to a partner being paid.

Feel free to set commission per click, page views, registration and more. In contrast to most affiliate softwares, Post Affiliate Pro allows you to follow every promotion and earn per promotion (CPA) fees to your affiliates. The reward of your best partner.... if you want to be successful with your affiliate programme, you must have the opportunity to find your best partner.

The importance of getting your top affilates to resell more of your product is sky-high. Do you know that 90% of the overall turnover in affiliate programmes comes from the top 10% of powerful partners? Guided Tour - Why Post Affiliate Pro?

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