Paid to Watch Ads App

Payed to see ad application

You get paid to see ads. You can start making money by watching videos at home, at work, or on your mobile phone via iPhone and Android apps. If you are updating your apps, first update the paid version. Apps that earn money for the iPhone: You get paid to see ads.

Are there any websites or applications that charge to watch ads/videos? : Beer Money

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Best 5 applications for collecting additional money

Unbelievable, there are true, authentic ways to make cash without being cheated. The only thing you need is a smart phone, some (much) free play and a relaxing approach to being bombed by ads all the while. The Pact takes your cash where your mouths are. The app sets you your own targets for your overall physical condition, and if you don't adhere to them, you loose out.

It is the brainchild that motivates individuals to hold on to their aims for the sake of loosing it. With Inbox Dollars, you pay small commissions on polls (sent to you by email), search the net and game. How does Inbox Dollars get its pay? Marketers who are interested in looking at their advertising and better understanding consumers' behavior.

Dollars Inbox will reward you for participating in their research. It' all pretty simple and you know how long each poll will take so you don't have to answer endless quizzes for $1. So far, Inbox Dollars has paid over $35 million to its members. Frontto will pay you for advertising on your blocking screens.

Ads in the shape of product, article or survey ads are placed on your blocking screens. You' ll be paid to follow the links on the ad and on the links. You will be paid in Fronto points, which is approximately 2500 points per $1, and like Fronto, SlideJoy will pay you to reserve the main property that is your barrier display.

You will receive $5-15 per months to display ads on your blocking screens and you will be paid regardless of whether you place the ad or click the links. By the end of the daily you will receive a message that tells you how much cash you have earned. Look at ads, get paid (do you notice a topic here?).

The App-Trailer gives you points for observing the many, many ads they list. However, the movie tutorials are not restricted to applications, but you can also watch movie tutorials for the latest movies and gaming. For every movie you watch, you'll earn points that you can cash out with PayPal in cash (500 points per $0.50) or on a voucher for Amazon, Best Buy BBY +2%, Starbucks SBUX +0.45% and many others (which is about 1000 points for a $1 voucher).

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