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Which is the concept of the PTC locations? The PTC pages are nothing more than Paid-To-Click pages. The members are the Internet users who visit the PTC pages. Attempt these paid to click on (PTC) websites. It's the easiest way to earn extra money online without investing.

The best paid-to-click sites in 2018

Paid to Click (PTC) sites are not something that I generally endorse, although it cannot be disputed that you can make a living with them. Many PTC sites don't charge, and they can even disappear without warning. As there are a number of fraud sites out there, you need to be very cautious.

Well, the good thing is that you won't be asked to pay any to join a paid website. Please note: These sites are not ordered in any particular order. These are some of the best paid sites, but I don't suggest that you join any of them. When ClickSense stopped advertising, Neobux became the most popular PTC website.

There used to be a lot of hard rivalry between Neobux and KlickSense, but now only Neobux is remaining. As a result, the company has chosen to concentrate on other ways of making revenue, such as polls. They can also benefit from your recommendations directly and leased. Recommendations are recommendations that follow through your recommendation links and you can make a profit from them as long as they remain in use.

Leased recommendations are a different history because these are the recommendations you hire from the website. Recommendations that follow the site directly are leased from the site to those seeking recommendations. So, to make a return on leased recommendations, you need to make sure that you make more money than you pay for a recommendation.

You' ll have to give $0.200 for a recommendation if you hire three recommendations for 30 workdays. So, to make a win, you have to make more than that. The Scarlet Clicks is similar to Neobux in the way that it also allows you to have recommendations hired. And I know that the site says that you can make up to $0.01 per click, but that's not what you'll make when you join.

Of course, you can't look forward to making a fortune just by hitting the advertisements button. You' ll have to spend almost two month waiting to make a buck before you can think about purchasing recommendations. Recommendations are not guaranteed and if you don't click often enough, you will lose.

Payza or PerfectMoney can withdraw your income. Because it is your cash, I don't know why they should set a payout limit, and you should be able to pay it out at any time. The GPT Planet and Scarlet Klicks belong to the same individual, Dimitrios Kornelatos (Kordim) from Greece.

The GPT planet came on line in 2010, which is about a year later than Scarlet Clicks. Revenue can be earned by hiring recommendations and recommending them directly to others. Other ways to make cash include the GPT grid, where you can make $1 by tapping on a field and watching an ad.

Cash can be withdrawn via either Direct debit, Perfect Monday, Payeer or Bitcoin. Doesn't look like there's a minimal cash draw limitation like Scarlet Clicks. YoutGetProfit is one of the best-known PTC sites. As well as the revenue from advertisements, you can also make a profit from listings, polls, recommendations and assignments.

But there is another way to make cash through this website and that is by purchasing promotional packages. Simply put, you can get a percentage of the site's profits from all its activity. This website does not warrant that you will make more than you have paid to purchase promotional packages, and I do not believe that you will make a gain in most cases.

They can be paid via Payza and Perfect Money. Your website looks at least better than the other PTC sites mentioned here. You also have the possibility to pay via PayPal, which is amazing as PayPal has taken legal steps against many PTC-sites. Leased and undelivered recommendations are also there to help you earn more.

In comparison to similar sites, the mean of the leased recommendations is not so poor. One of the major problems with this site is that revenue is too low, as with other PTC sites. Since 2009 DJWage is on line and pays you for all the common things other PTC sites do.

You even have PayPal as a method of paying, so trusting them helps me even though my trust is not too high because I generally don't like PTC sites. They include polls, advertisements, simple assignments and of course recommendations to make a living. Recommendations can be rented, but in most cases you will not make a gain by them.

This website is far from flawless because it has many problems. In some cases, members were compelled to click for collecting credit. It'?s click cheating, and it's not ethnic. It is not recommended to join a paid website on this mailing list. Please do not join a paid website. Paid-to-click sites are simply too much work for too little even when they are paying.

Some PTC sites disappear over night and all PTC members loose their cash. The sites mentioned in this blogs are legal, I think, but this is not a good excuse to suggest them. There are more profitable ways to earn cash, such as freelancing. A few folks think that PTC sites use bots to fool folks who borrow recommendations.

So, when folks hire a recommendation, they actually hire a messenger instead of a recommendation. From time to time the Bot will click, but the click is not enough to help you make a win. This way you loose the cash and never make a gain by hiring recommendations. There is no conclusive evidence that PTC sites use bots, but my Neobux expertise was certainly compatible with that assertion.

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