Paid to click Legit

Payed to click Legit.

How would they do it if Click Ad Pays was a scam? Simply open a website, click around and you will be paid. The apps are legal and make payments directly to your PayPal account. This is my list of the best paid surveys for South Africa. Some legitimate survey companies need your opinion and want to pay you for it.

Investors warning: Beware of Paid-To-Click (PTC) scams.

Being paid to click on advertisements on-line may seem like an easier way to make a living, but it can also cause you to lose out. On-line paid-to-click (PTC) programmes often offer an investor a stake in the programme's returns by making an advance payment or purchasing a product. A PTC programme, for example, may say that you can participate in its winnings when you buy ad packs or other promotional items.

PTC programmes can offer you promotional benefits such as viewing your advertisements on their networks or ensuring that your website receives enough visitors when you become a member or purchase their promotional packages. You could even pledge to divide your winnings with investor who have nothing to promote - just buy the promotional package and split the winnings.

Prior to buying a PTC member or promotional item, be advised that some PTC programmes may be fraudulent. Some PTC programmes, for example, may be Pontzi programmes where funds from new entrants are used to disburse counterfeit'profits' to former entrants. Light bucks. Beware of being pessimistic if you are given high yields in return for simply buying items or for trivia jobs such as checking out a certain number of advertisements per ad per diem.

Use caution when asked to make advance payments to join a PTC programme, even if it is allegedly a subscription scheme or purchasing a PTC item. So why would a business ask you to contribute a subscription or buy a specific item for the "opportunity" to click on advertisements?

When the PTC programme does not generate income from clients other than its own members, all the yields you get are likely to come from the buy-in charges of other buyers. Check that the PTC programme office email addresses are legit. Take the example of entering the site name into an on-line browser and be sceptical if the results suggest that it is not a correct site name or that the PTC programme has no legit site operation.

When you have difficulty paying out your cash or need to re-invest your earnings, it may be because there is not enough cash from new depositors to meet previous payout applications from them. Via the company's website and YouTube video, the owner is said to have asked advertisers to buy promotional items named "AdPacks".

Over 99% of the funds the firm reportedly handed out to financiers came from financiers who bought new AdPacks. Respondents are alleged to have attracted investment through on-line postings and video (in English, Spanish and French) on the Respondent's web sites. Companies are said to have asked an investor to buy a scheme or promotional item.

Respondents are said to have collected 38 million dollars from investment companies and kept at least 7 million dollars for themselves to cover a Florida home, automotive costs, aircraft charter and other corporate costs. About 99% of the funds earned by the defendant's business supposedly came from repayments by other depositors.

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