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In this article we will talk about users who are paid to see advertising. Do not confuse it with pay-per-click. Turn your ads for Rorld. Ever thought of the idea of clicking ads for money? Find you get paid to click on ads posted in South Africa!

To be paid to click: The 10 legit sites you are paying to click on ads.

Out of all the ways to make cash on-line, paying for clicking is the easiest. However, it's also pretty vague - click on what, and why do I get paid? Well, I can tell you that there are legitimately ways to get paid to click, although the methodology can slightly differ between pages.

I will show you in this essay how to prevent fraud and get directly to the legitimate pages. PTC, also known as Paid To Click, is something like taking part in an advert. Thus paying per click is a type of advertising. This can be a PC, as in, the site master is paid every times someone catches it.

So, when you do PTC work, you click on it and receive a percentage of the advertising income. But the big image is that everyone earns cash by clickin' on ads. Because these pages are such an simple way to make a living, there are more and more of them that are constantly appearing.

It is probably the simplest way to get paid, after all, so it makes good sense to see more of them. What can I get paid to click? As with many of the really simple ways to make cash on-line, it is not cost-effective enough to be paid for clicks to work full time.

Whilst I think that the cash you can earn when you are paid to click is valuable to your click your period, it is not something that is a replacement for a full days work. How you get the most cash by getting paid to click is by working quickly on it. Generally, you can count on being paid about $0.01 per click.

That' 100 klicks for a buck. Yet, most of the sites limit you to how many you can do per day because they do not have an indefinite amount of them to give you. When you see websites that advertise really high per click rate like 50¢ or $1, it is definitely a fraud. So for these sake it would be almost unfeasible to live on PTC alone, but that doesn't mean you can't make a little more with it.

If you' re particularly bent, that could be enough cash to make it valuable to you. Particularly when it comes to making a fortune, small profits accumulate into large ones. As with many websites, PTC site recommendations reward you for referring to them. As these websites work by making small profits at once, you will definitely want to take full benefit of these recommendations, which can significantly boost your revenue.

Given many of the cash earning pages out there, especially PTC pages, recommendations are by far the best way to make a living. Now, different locations provide different incentive for recommendations. There are some offering flat rate rewards (like $3 or something) and others offering long range rewards, like a small percentage of the profit of your recommendations.

However, some websites may provide both. In addition, some recommendation pages work in a multi-tier system where you even benefit from the recommendations of your recommendations. When you get 15% of the gain of each recommendation, and then half of the gain of the recommendation, and then half of the gain of that recommendation, then you are now on a large revenue stream to sit on (even if it looks complex, it is very easy!) That means that if you implement many live-in users on the site, you can achieve a really large amount of revenue.

Passing your links on to even a few folks is better than nothing, since these pages strongly benefit folks who use them. Lots of cash making methodologies on the web have the reputations of being too good to be real because many of them are. Lots of folks have seen the hard realities of being cheated on the web, and that does a little damage to the attractiveness of these pages.

As with all other websites out there, you need to be careful about PTC fraudsters. For this reason, it is better to stay with PTC websites that have a trustworthy name. Sometimes it's a good thing to try something new, but that's not the case when it comes to PTC or most monetary pages.

In order to spare you the hassle of decrypting which pages are secure and which are not, here is a listing of some trusted PTC pages that I can verify as secure and legal. They are some of the most famous sights, and for good reasons. When you register with just a few, this should definitely be on your mailing lists.

is 02 for each display you click. From 10% to 100% of the income from your recommendation. Cash out as soon as you have $8. You cash out to AlertPay or PayPal, like most others, but they also cash out to Liberty Reserve. It' one of the older PTCites out there.

Price: $0.001-$0. 01 per ad you click. From 10% to 100% of the income from your recommendation. or AlertPay or PayPal, and the bottom line is $1. You withdraw now. CashlNhits is paying significantly less than some of the other websites on this site but they are trustworthy and guarantee the payout. Price: $0. 0005 to $0. 002 per ad you click.

From 10% to 100% of the income from your recommendation. Sent to PayPal or Alertpay, with a $1 minimum. Sent immediately. You' re offering PTC work. Recommendations: From 50% to 100% of the income from your recommendation. Those boys are paying out to AlertPay or PayPal. Contrary to many others on this schedule, they have a fairly high withdrawal minima of $7.99.

Now, it seems Klickens4Cents offers some contradictory information. For a while I used it back and the prices were around $0. 001 to $0. 015, but their front page now says $0. 05 per click. According to some online news, the once legitimate Klicks4Cents website has been purchased and turned into a fraudulent site, so do it at your own risks.

Those boys have definitely pinned it with their name; they are definitely paying to click. Apart from their extremely pertinent names, they work in a similar way to other PTCites. 001 to $0. 01 per display selected. They make 5% to 10% of the advertising revenues of your recommendation. Automatic shipping once a months via PayPal.

0x.03 per 1000 clicks/views. From 10% to 100% of the income from your recommendation. Sent to PayPal or AlertPay immediately once you have $3. Another medium PTC site, Incentria, is a good additional site if you have no assignments for some of the others. 005 per display selected.

From 10% to 100% of the income from your recommendation. Similar to Clicksia, somewhere between immediately and 7 working days within the inquiry. May be paid to PayPal or Alert Pay. The first on the roster is Clicksia. From $0. 001 to $0. 005 per display selected. Recommendations: 10% to 100% of the income from your recommendation.

At Alert or PayPal, with a low trigger of $1. You can withdraw from 7 business day until now, so it's quite different. Together with ClixSense I would say that this is another must for the items on this page. A one of the best things about Ayuwage is that you can do it for as long as you want - they have no max on the amount of messages you can click.

From $0. 001 to $0. 015 per display selected. Pays to Alert Pay, PayPal or Liberty Reserve. When you want to try a PTC site, I strongly suggest that you select one from this group. Please also note that the amount of cash you can earn on these pages is very small.

As with most ways of making cash on-line, paying for clicks takes some devotion and consistence. You will be rewarded (much better than many other survey pages) for conducting your poll.

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