Package Holiday Affiliate Programs

Vacation Package Partner Programs

The best thing for a blog, I think, is to give the reader the full package. Participating in our affiliate program is quick and easy. Anyone who owns and operates a website, blog or app for travel and holidays. Participate in our NYC Ticket Machine Affiliate Program:

I' ve worked with many affiliate programs: Posting, Scyscanner, Dohop, Tridepadvisor, Aqua and many more. Lots of rivalry and a poor market profile. When I say the absence of market dominance, I mean MY market. Anything that would allow me to use my badge and then advertise it.

Maybe they would go without shopping, but then they knew that if they wanted to make a booking for the next holiday they would come back to my website with my name on it and my logotype.

Clienttivity is essentially a plattform that allows you to set up your own agency in 2 min, adding your own domains, your own corporate name and your own name. They make commissions for each reservation, in addition, commissions for the switching of persons for the use of the plattform. That' much better, because then I can make a fan page and an Instagram section with the name of my trip shop and name.

Revenue is higher for selling directly than for selling through partners. They make 5% of every purchase made by your clients.

Everybody who makes a reservation for a room via your website is a directly connected client. Other programs have higher fees? Several affiliate programs such as Bookings or Skyscanner provide you with 50% referral fee on the amount of your referral fee. This means that if they make 8% or 10% for each reservation, they give you 50% of it, so you get 4% or 5% of the sales.

And, as I said, clients will come back to the company's website; they will never try to find your recommendation links again to make a purchase.

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