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Our affiliate network advertises brands daily to millions of new customers who want to buy. The Optimise Media Group ist eine private, internationale Performance Marketing Media Group. An important piece of information is to know the capabilities of your affiliate network/tracking platform. You can monitor your campaigns, optimize performance and gain meaningful insights. And we pride ourselves on the quality of our affiliate network.

Perfomance Marketing: Make more customer clicks possible

Optimize is what we are. More of your klicks are transformed into clients with smart, performance-driven ads. Our worldwide network of publishing houses and utilities links companies with tens of thousands of new clients every single day. Our network of publishing houses and utilities is a unique and unique combination. More than 1,000 of the world's most succesful companies use Optimise as missile propulsion for their on-line advertisements. The International Performances Marketing Awards (winner 2018).

The International Performances Marketing Awards (winner 2017). The International Performances marketing awards (winner 2017). Sunday Times International Track (2016 HSBC). Profit from our comprehensive analytics and precise, focused promotional campaigns. Receive some of the best affiliate earning commission in the world.

Quadruple expert tips for making the most of an affiliate network

Fluencer recruitment is growing, and marketers and editors are working together to deliver the best customer experiences. Such changes affect the latest ad development, as well as the way marketers and publishers use affiliate branding to engage customers with goods, service and entertainment that add value to their overall viewing experiences.

Recent Forrester research commissions from Rakuten Affiliate Network (my employer) show that the affiliate market is likely to reach $6.8 billion over the next five years. The revival of affiliate marketers' momentum suggests that they are evaluating their existing strategy to see if they are maximising their chances of participating in this increase.

Forrester' survey of more than 300 marketers and editors found four important ways for marketers and editors to optimize their affiliate ROI. Almost nine out of ten marketers say that affiliate programmes are important or very important to their overall market strategies, and marketers are progressively reinvesting in affiliate marketers as a way to strategically bind customers throughout the entire marketing-hopper.

Whereas affiliate programmes used to be seen as instant reaction marketing initiatives, large marketers and editors have found that they can exposure customers to new and exciting brands and offerings in key settings and connect with them. Today's consumer lives on several machines and scrolls through several different Newsfeeds every workday.

Used properly, affiliate branding is engineered to breathe fresh life back into this rich experience with breathtaking images and persuasive storylines from trusted opinion leaders. This study has shown that affiliate branding play a pivotal part throughout the decision-making and buying processes, so it is important that marketers find new ways to gauge the full impact of their affiliate programmes on increasing conversions, new website traffic and sustainable user outreach.

Attribute modelling is an efficient way for marketers and editors to get a better grasp of how affiliate branding works. By seeing where your assets are above or below average, your publisher can optimise your upcoming campaign and offerings to maximise those strategy that improve them. Attributions technologies also allow brand owners to see how affiliate branding affects other branding techniques such as paid searching or e-mailing.

In order to get the most out of an affiliate marketer it is essential to assess how it connects to each part of the travel experience. Being able to accurately determine how different policies and alliances affect your most important businesses goals is becoming more and more important to understand the full value of your affiliate investments - and will help you properly assign the budgets to keep your precious alliances successful.

No matter whether it's a question of ID or ad trafficking scams, trademarks want to be shielded from the villains of the web. Marketers should be able to rely on their affiliate network to make sure that all publisher with whom they have live connections through their network are real, and they should be expecting visibility into what their network is doing to pursue and deter scams.

Fluencer recruitment has rapidly evolved from an evolving phenomenon to a contemporary online world. The consumer looks for websites that he knows, trusts and aspires to, to educate him about the latest consumer habits and product choices. Publishing houses must be aware of how and where they market themselves in order to attract the attention of interoperable marketers and retain the confidence of their fans.

Given that societal influencers are becoming the most rapidly expanding resource for attracting new customers, publishing houses need to thoroughly analyse how they approach their own brands. As a result of affiliate event networking and becoming the industry expert of choice, editors will be able to reduce traffic congestion and draw marketers who want to build a win-win partnership.

Throughout the years I have seen many changes in the business and I am particularly pleased with the new affiliate market possibilities offered by our ever more advanced technologies and the new kinds of publisher we see in our network to work with our advertiser through our platforms.

As a high level of expansion is forecast for the next five years, I anticipate a further increase in affiliate market innovations that will greatly enhance both brand and publisher performance. Formerly LinkShare, he is in charge of the overall strategy and technological roadmap for the affiliate businesses in United States. Further focal points of his activities are New business as well as partner optimisation and publisher accounts as well.

After joining the firm in 2003, Adam served in various capacities within the Rakuten Affiliate Network.

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