Opencart Affiliate Program

The Opencart Affiliate Program

When you want to create your own affiliate marketing program with OpenCart, we have created an off-the-shelf solution and step-by-step integration guide for you. It will take you to the affiliate program screen as shown below. Looking for experienced opencart developers to build the MLM module for our shop? The OpenCart is an open source PHP-based online e-commerce solution. To create a new affiliate account, click Continue below.

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Affiliates earn a fee for every instance they refer revenue to your website. You can adjust the percentage provision in the admin under Sale > Affiliate. In order to add a new affiliate, you can click the Insert icon on the affiliate page. On the first page you will be asked for general information about the affiliate.

The information can be obtained directly from the affiliate via e-mail or is added when the affiliate completes a page on the affiliate site: Provides the details of the commissions and means of payments to be made to the affiliate: Affiliate page can be viewed via Extras > Affiliates in the bottom of each page.

Affiliate must open an affiliate profile through this page. On the page, a blank contains the same boxes as on the General and Payment Details tab of the Administration page. If the partner fills out the request forms, the partner information is entered on the General and Payment tab pages, which you can work with.

If you click "Edit" under Distribution > Partners, you can process certain payments or general partner information. Once the Affiliate has created his affiliate profile on the front of the shop, the Affiliate must be authorized by the Affiliate Manager in the Affiliate section of the Admin.

partner program

Their shop affiliate program is free and allows members to generate income by posting one or more hyperlinks on their website that promote your shop or certain items on it. Affiliate fees are paid for all purchases made to clients who have visited these sites. At present, the default fee is 5%.

Please refer to our Affiliate Agreement or our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information. I' m not an affiliate right now. At the bottom, click Proceed to register a new affiliate partner profile. This is not in any way linked to your client area. I' m a recurring partner.

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