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Choose a theme, customize it and go online today! All you need to host and manage your website! Start an online store, start a blog, or set up a photo gallery with the best apps on the web. Hosting, a service for storing and publishing websites online, makes websites accessible to Internet users around the world. This is our most popular plan for small businesses that want to do business online without cracking the bank.

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More-* Rate includes domain name - registry or renew. * Prize includes domain name - register or renew. The Scaleway® cloud-based web experience automatically adapts to your web experience to give you the predictability you need, no matter how many you have. With PHP-FPM your website is optimized and provides 5x more performance than traditional hosting services.

As a standard, your website is secured against DDoS (Denial of Service) attack. Therefore you profit by standard from our Tier III certificate, which is issued by the Uptime Institute.

What is the amount of hard drive storage and bandwith in my schedule? We have not specified any restrictions for packets that support unmeasured hard drive storage or file transfers (bandwidth). Those ressources are "not measured", i.e. they are not charged according to the amount of hard drive storage or bandwith used. Although these ressources are not endless, of course, we believe that our clients should have all the necessary ressources to establish an online business, and 99.95% of our clients will have more than enough hard drive storage and bandwith to fulfill their needs.

What do you do to control "normal" use? When your account's bandwith or storage needs give cause for concerns, you will be sent an e-mail asking you to decrease use.

Efforts are made to notify at least 48hrs in advance so that clients can make changes before we take remedial actions.

There are several different types of schedules that better cover high bandwith and high memory use. Clients can use as many of these functions as they like.

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