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In our info graphic "Online Video Advertising - Statistics And Trends" you will find a detailed overview of the expenditures for digital video ads and many other relevant facts. These four tips help advertisers position their online video advertising campaigns for media planning success. Video online advertising is a more engaging, interactive marketing experience today and in the future. Technological innovation and changes in consumer behaviour are changing the current video landscape. An online skipable video display that appears before the main video.

Video Online Advertising - Statistics and Trends

Videobased contents are easy to understand and offer amusement as well as training on the products. It' s no wonder that more and more companies are using video-based advertising on platforms like YouTube. Seventy-four percent of all web travel in 2017 will be video-based? Video is the kind of video with the best return on investment (ROI), according to 52% of marketers around the world.

Take a look at our info graphic "The State Of Online Video Advertising - Statistics And Trends" for a detailed overview of our online advertising spend, our online advertising channel and its appeal, and many other facts. YesTube holds nearly 20% of US Digitally Videods. In 2016, US-programmatic video advertisements will account for 40.0% of expenditure on premium video advertisements.

The video ad has an CTR of 1.84%, the highest of all advertising media. Seventy-five percent of marketers reported that online video advertising was equal to or more efficient than conventional TV advertising. On-line video displays have a higher influence on the most important measurement categories:

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