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Sites are a good way to establish your brand identity. I wonder which social media sites an online marketer like you should use? A lot of online advertising space can be used free of charge. Collaborate with experts to create your website and online store. To find an online library filled with high quality, free images can be a daunting task.

Thirty social media sites for online marketing

Written for small businesses, this small scale marketing guidebook provides detail on more than 30 sites. It is a large number of socially websites that a company can consider in order to further web marketing endeavors and liaise with their customers and users. Below is not a full listing, but looking at the website descriptions can help you find out which sites are best for your company.

Google Blogger is a free Google web site that lets you quickly and simply publish your thoughts to the rest of the web. The BuzzNet is a community networking site for the exchange of pictures, magazines and video. With BuzzNet, you can choose to distribute your contents according to your interests. Thousands of thousands of people use Facebook every day to keep up with your buddies, post limitless numbers of pictures, link and video shares, and find out more about the individuals they actually connect with.

Online image administration and sharing software that allows individuals to share their contents with those they care about. The Foursquare is a location-based online site for portable device communities that allows consumers to find great places to travel with their mates. Friendster is a premier online international community with more than 95 million members around the world.

At Friendster, we focus on empowering others to keep in contact with others and help them find new ways of doing things that are important to them. Wellreads is a website that allows searching in custom textbooks, review and notes. You can create your own suggestions for your own publications and groups for discussions. The Google+ (Google Plus) is a socially accessible website that allows you to interact with other individuals with similar interests and publish and distribute them.

High5 is a website for online networks where visitors can set up an online account to easily upload and upload images, update their photos and view their interests. Instagram or Instagram is a portable app that lets you easily upload and upload images to your website and send them to your trackers who will "like" and be able to annotate your post. You can also use Instagram to post these messages on Facebook and Twitter.

LinkedIn provides a connected ecosystem of more than 36 million seasoned experts from around the globe. This website can help you make better use of your business networking and help the individuals you rely on. The Metafilter overcomes the barrier between humans, extends a weblog beyond one individual and promotes debate among its members.

With Mixx, all contents are user-generated. With Mixx it's simple for anyone to send in a story, photo, video - whatever you find interesting, educational, different or funny. The MySpace is an online comunity where you can find the latest information about musical messages, video and more. You can also hear radios tuned to a particular artists or genres, or mix and playlist.

The Netlog is an online service where people can stay in contact with their networks and expand them. This is an online societal website aimed specifically at young Europeans. Netlog lets you build your own website with a blogsite, images, videos, shows, and more to easily be shared with your mates.

On Newsvine you can hear tales from incumbent broadcasters and individuals from around the globe. It is a portable app that lets your user easily enjoy your favorite content such as video, travel, photos, and more. Paths also allows the user to mail home mails to other people. It is a socially oriented web site that is shown in a video card shaped picture-share platform.

Browse by different category and store images for future use on your own "board" or shared on other community sites such as Twitter or Facebook. Every piece of information on our site is reviewed and rated by people like you. With Snapchat, you can easily email your photo and video files with photo headers and filtered images to your friend.

The StumbleUpon is a free website sharing tool that will help you explore and enjoy your website with others who have similar interests. is an online lifestyle clubs for those who love to be fashionable, designable and shop. Here you get to know your stylish misuses and track them as they explore and Share their latest findings. is a community network destinations with over 70 million subscribers and over 2 million subscribers. Dayged can help you stay in contact with your loved ones and find new ones. This website offers an entertaining online entertainment environment with powerful user-defined profile, smooth Widget embedded, built-in videos, chats and more. Across the globe, folks in different parts of the globe are following their most important resources and accessing information on Twitter - from the latest messages to friend up-dates.

The Vine is a socially accessible online video sharing solution that allows you to shoot and view seven seconds of video that can be shared with Facebook and Twitter. You can use Vine is as a portable app or on your computer. What we hear is a community site that allows people to store and distribute everyday inspirations and photographs.

The Yammer is a privately owned community service organization that assists with corporate communications. Think YouTube is a web site for share your movies with other users. So YouTube can be easily embedded and hosted on a wide range of different online sites such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter and many more. They can be twittered online @AuroraGGG.

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