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" Queen of Facebook" Facebook top marketing expert @MariSmith. Founder of Traffic and Leads. Digital Marketing Experts & Online Marketing Services. Below are some insights from the world's leading digital marketing experts. Personal consultation with an online marketing expert to clarify your marketing goals and optimize your strategy for online platforms.

Fifty-five Digital Marketing Professionals You Should Be Following

Would you like to learn more about certain facets of marketing, but are not sure who to go after? It' s a question of choosing from thousands of professionals in the field of marketing - the makers, the spokespersons, the writers, experimenters and so on. This article will look at the best professionals in the field of marketing that you can join in certain areas (use these navigation links):

Notice that some professionals only speak about their area of specialization, while others speak about marketing as a whole. The discovery of expert was made through a combo of Klout Topics Expert Ranking, Followerwonk Twitter Biosearch and Twitter Accounts Search. Creative marketing can be part of your overall marketing strategies.

Streamline your conversions, add e-mail to your listing, increase revenue streams to your ads, streamline your keyword searches, and use your mobile assets to keep your community contacts online. These are some of the best rated professionals in the field of online marketing. He is the founding director of B2B Marketing Insider and Head of Strategy at NewsCred, a premier online marketing solution.

Huffington Post, examiner of corporate communications, LinkedIn and others as an authoritative figure in the field of marketing, online marketing, online marketing and corporate communications. He is the founding member of the Institute of Marketing Research and the Institute of Marketing Research. Writer and co-author of several titles, among them "Epic Marketing," "Managing Marketing," and "Content Inc.

" In addition, he operates two content marketing Podcasts in iTunes: and PNR: This old marketing with Robert Rose. Convince & Convert is founded by Jay Baer. Smart Marketing stands for help and not for hype" and "The Now Revolution: Seven layers to make your business faster, smarter and more social.

" Also directs the podcast of our popular pros on iTunes. When you direct your visitors to a website that is not optimised for converting, you are probably putting all your marketing dollars away. Below are some of the best advised professionals for optimizing the recovery time. Angeli Schottmuller is an in-bound marketing thinker specializing in the use of magnetically generated contents optimised for SEO, SCI, CT and MOV.

" And he also does the Scientist Converted Podcast on ITunes. Gardner is co-founder of Unbounce, the marketing tools that enables publishers to create, deploy and test land pages without IT. Yoanna Wiebe is the founding member of Copy Hackers, the home of converting copies. Mr. Ash is CEO of SiteTurners and creator of the global conference series.

" It also hosts the Landing Page Optimization podcast on ITunes. Can' t wait to do your marketing digitally without looking at some information to make sure your strategy has a beneficial effect on your bottom line. Below are some of the best advised professionals for analysis and analysis. Daniel Waisberg is Googlealyalytics Advocate and founder of Online Behavior.

Anne Cushing is the founding director of Annielytics and former VP of Marketing for It' s getting more and more difficult to get your clients through organically searching with so many changes to the Google searching algorithms. It is also more difficult to get your clients on your site because the coverage is decreasing.

That' s why your e-mail lists are more important than ever. Below are some of the best rated professionals in the field of e-mail marketing. Mr. Tink Taylor is founding COO of both dotmailer and the dotDigital Group. An important and powerful member of the UK Direct Marketing Association's and the International Advertising Bureau's E-mail Council.

Jordan is marketing manager at Litmus. It organises the E-mail Design Conference in Boston and London. Jordan van Rijn is the founding member of E-Mail Monday and an e-mail marketing advisor. In 2014, he was named one of the top 50 e-mail marketing influencers by Cision. Mr. Wakabayashi is currently serving as McDonald's Digital and Social Strategy Manager for the Morach Partners McDonald's Bankroll.

He is the creator of Email Marketing Reports, a free-lance economic author and spokesperson. Below are some of the best PPC professionals out there. Lisa Raehsler is the founding member of the Big Click Co. The PPC Hero Blog named her one of the most authoritative PPC professionals in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Mr Kim Clinkunbroomer est Executive Vice President de Paid Search Marketing und Partner chez Philly Marketing Labs. Mr. Umbro is Senior Account Manager and responsible for the community at Hanapin Marketing. He' s in the business of producing PPC Hero music. #PPCChat also operates the #PPCChat Twitter Hastag. Szetela is the founding father of Clix Marketing.

Writer of "Customers Now" and co-author of "Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing": "He' s also running the PPC Rockstars Podcast on iTunes. Mackey is Search Supervisor at Melissa Mackey's search company business, one of the biggest business-to-business (B2B) agencies in the United States. She' s the writer of Beyond the Paid, a PPC Strategies blogs.

Mr. Geddes is the founder of Certified Knowledge, a PPC educational and professional development organization. Also, he leads the Marketing Nirvana Podcast on the iTunes. She is a freelance marketing advisor and a SEM Post employee. At Pubcon, SMX, KlickZ and other trade fairs she talks frequently about the topic of SEM.

Mr. Kim is the founding Chief Technology Officer of WordStream. In 2013 and 2014, he was named one of the most authoritative PPC professionals by the PPC Hero Blog. SEO covers all facets of your marketing strategies. In order to make sure that your website is well placed for extra catchwords, you need to generate catchword optimised contents.

In order to help consumers find you on softwares, you need to have access to keyword-optimized softwares. Below are some of the best rated professionals for practicing AEO. Mr. Julie Joyce is the proprietor and operations director of Link Fish Medien, Inc. Reynolds is the founding partner of Seer Interactive, a Philadelphia-based SEM/SEO consultancy that focuses equally on delivering great things for its client base, staff and the entire industryplace.

Mr. King is the founding director of the company and heads global business development groups for consumers insight, media management, media management, media marketing, media marketing, media marketing, media strategy and SEO. Anne Smarty is the community and brand manager of Internet Marketing Ninjas and creator of MeinBlogU, a collaborative networking platform for the creation of content. Ms. Bennett is the author of Search Marketing Standard which is a printed online marketing journal.

is a founding editor of Search Engine Land. Mr. Bennett is Chief Content Officer for Third Door Media, which releases Search Country and hosts the SMX: Search Marketing Expo conferencing event family. Mr. Schwartz is CEO of RustyBrick, a New York-based web services company that specializes in custom online technologies that help businesses reduce cost and grow revenue.

It is an important part of the corporate image of your company. And of course you can use it to advertise your contents, your goods and your sevices. Below are some of the best rated professionals for practicing AEO. Mr. Moore is currently Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Marketing Nutz, a full-service marketing company headquartered in Orlando.

It has been recognised by Forbes as the Top 10 Social Metal Power Influencer. They are by no means the only specialists and thought leadership in the field of electronic publishing on the market. To find more professionals in a specific area of marketing, you can register with LinkedIn, visit the above people's personalities, and view the Persons section to the right of theirs.

Up to 10 other proposed persons with similar skills will be found.

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