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Worldwide careers offer group and individual virtual online career fairs. Melbourne Virtual Event[Online only]. Online job exchange, also known as virtual job exchange or electronic job exchange, is an online version of a traditional job exchange. Yes, "participating" in a virtual job fair could pay off for you (Big Time) - if you plan, prepare and impress. Here is an eight-step strategy for the virtual success of a job fair:.


Which is a virtual job fair?

Enterprises and job searchers can join forces in a virtually designed careers fair. Online job exchanges are becoming more and more widespread. What is the difference between a online job exchange and a careers fair? Below you will find an answer to these and other frequently asked question about participating in a careers fair.

Which is a avatar careers fair? An online careers fair (sometimes referred to as an online job board) is an online "event" (because it occurs at a particular point in history and does not continue) where employer and jobseeker each gather in a respective online setting using chats, conference calls, casts, seminars and/or e-mails to share information about job opportunities.

Jobseekers load up CVs and can be compared with employer or just search the "booths" of businesses. "Just like a non-virtual job fair, a temporary job fair also has a finite term. Is there only work from home (or remote) job opportunities at a job fair? The fact that a face-to-face careers fair does not aim at a specific or very large geographical region can, however, be an asset for an employer looking for distant people.

An online job board can welcome jobseekers from across the nation or around the globe, so businesses looking only for staff near their sites may need to exclude skilled applicants based on their site. And if you're just looking for home job opportunities, you can search this list of businesses that employ teleworkers.

Whose sponsoring is this? There are many different companies that can organise a job fair. They are often sheltered by the same groups that could also be sponsoring a non-virtual job fair, such as universities, professional organisations, government labour offices, veteran organisations, etc. One group can opt for a face-to-face job fair because it is cheaper, or they can organise one in connection with a live job fair.

But other organisations such as online job exchanges or enterprises specialising in Internet-based recruiting could also be sponsoring a virtually organised careers fair. Enterprises sometimes call an online recruiting session a "virtual careers fair", but since there is only one employers, it is not really a fair. Who can find what kind of job at online job shows?

Nearly all species that are in a non-virtual job fair. Just like actual job shows, a face-to-face job show can focus on a specific sector, job or geographical region. V.I.P.'s are available for veteran job boards. Enterprises participating in job fair virtualization usually have more than one opening and location. What is a careers fair like?

The spectrum is determined by interactive careers exhibitions. "However, some have sophisticated avatars designed to look like a live careers fair, with a fictitious congress centre card and corporate site references containing stand graphic images. An online careers fair can provide ressources for job hunters, such as CV hints, careers trivia or video on how to present yourself in an interviewer.

The company stands can offer a wide range of information about the company or they can easily link to their web sites and offer a job vacancy listing. A large part of the information at a face-to-face careers fair can be absorbed at the jobseeker's own speed. There may, however, be chats, onlineinars or online presentation at certain hours.

As at a non-virtual careers fair, you are likely to sign up to participate, upload a CV and often complete a survey about your interests and experiences. Karrieremesse can create a shortlist of employer that matches your abilities. They can use this listing or navigate the businesses. The majority of online careers shows have an opportunity to explore the job offers of the competing businesses, either all together or at each company's stand.

If you are looking in the company database, remember these keywords for the online job hunt. What does a face-to-face careers fair costs?

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