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OptiS removed online job ad that calls for Anglo-Saxon employees at Neutral Bay stores.

Optus, the telecoms tycoon, has opened an in-house inquiry after a job posting asking for whites in one of its Sydney locations went online. An ad for a cash retailer consulting firm came out on Thursday afternoons on the Seek job site, saying that preference is given to "Anglo-Saxon" individuals.

Meanwhile, the firm has eliminated the ad that asked for employees in its Neutral Bay stores. The ABC News contact Optus after the ad was distributed on Twitter. Vaughan Paul, Optus VP of HR, said the organization had begun an in-house review of how the ad was placed. "Mr Paul said that this event is intolerable and does not mirror the Optus value of pluralism and integration.

"It is a clear violation of our promotional values and our dedication to equality of opportunities in work. We are proud to support variety and employ people from more than 70 nations." Catherine Snelson, a Catherine Snelson who discovered the ad that twittered on Optus and Seek, the website where it was initially published: Another, Edward Miller, twittered on Optus and just said:

"Now, that's not okay," Optus told both Twitter subscribers, explaining that the offensive advertising had been eliminated. Optus' trade union, the Communications Workers Union, demanded an impartial inquiry and a clear check on Telco's recruitment policy. ABC News paid a visit to the Neutral Bay on Friday, where the employees had no clue about the job ad and the history of the ABC had to be shown.

Shop personnel said the branch office director would be back on Monday. Neighboring cove-based Norman Hussey, 74, said he could not believe that a firm would disclose something similar in 2018. "I' ve lived in the neighborhood for 30 years, and yes, that would stop me from going to that store."

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