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We are looking for an Affiliate Marketing Manager who can confidently address the following issues: You are an experienced affiliate manager with in-depth knowledge of online casino products? A webmaster or affiliate marketer displays the online vehicle or link through which consumers can purchase the desired services and products. Submit an online application for the position of Affiliate Manager at ClickBank. Affiliate marketing manager / affiliate marketer relationship is a far overlooked aspect of making money online.

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How does an Affiliate Manager work? Affiliate marketers are responsible for the recruitment of new members to the affiliate programme and monitoring their performances. A partner programme is based on a pay-for-performance scheme and in this capacity you negotiate with links to develop a wider partner base to support a promotional drive or launches by your mother organisation.

You will be responsible for finding new ways to optimise your networks and taking steps to improve the efficiency of your partners. As well as your networks and distribution work, you also need to keep tabs on key performance indicators and analyse the strength and weakness of your programmes. Can I become an Affiliate Manager?

Affiliate Manager Job Vacancy

Affiliate Manager administer online affiliate program. Her tasks included searching for new bank balances, actively managing ongoing bank balances through client services, and creating new partner programmes. Online Affiliate Manager is the first point of call for you. A lot of online affiliate manager work as freelancer, but some work for agents or large companies.

Affiliate managers work in a multitude of industry sectors and support all kinds of businesses and individual with affiliate manager supporters. Online Affiliate Manager's salaries vary according to your experiences. When you are interested in a carreer as an online affiliate manager, you need to acquire the expertise and appropriate abilities to be successful in this area.

Acquire the skill you need to be successful as an online affiliate manager in just 15 month by signing up for our associate's course of studies. Don't hesitate - sign up today to prepare for a rewarding and rewarding affiliate management experience!

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You are an seasoned affiliate manager with in-depth expertise on online casino product? EARNING: Over 2 years in conducting affiliate campaigning for major online companies (experience in the online games market is a must); vast customer relationship expertise at a high standard; expertise and skills: In-depth insight into how the online gambling business works; interest and comprehension in the different kinds of online gambling activity in the iGaming business (poker, gaming, sports betting, etc.); powerful selling and negotiating skill; network of established gambling and finance service partners; expertise in building and conducting online campaign development that promotes new sign-ups and higher revenues through third-party affiliate websites.

Recruiting new members; account management of a pool of current affiliate members via e-mail, telephone, newsletter and forum to maximize sales growth; maintenance of current members to generate monthly extra revenues and negotiation of customized business transactions if required to generate extra revenues; management of new contracts supporting transformation and engagement of new and current members of the Wallet integrated into the programme;

Develop strategic descriptions and online campaignmarketing efforts for current affilates, encompassing the design of critical affiliate news, copy and create content, execute and place online; monitor, track and evaluate all affiliate market initiatives and report on the ROI of any campaign; collaborate with affiliate marketers' creativity and web design team to provide marketware that optimizes affiliate website sales force engagement capabilities;

Maintain full consciousness and comprehension of appropriate laws and best practices for affiliate directories; create affiliate promotion and incentive schemes on a quarter of a year to proactively attract current and potential partners to promote digital wallets on their websites; develop one-of-a-kind contents for affiliate newsletter subscriptions, which includes affiliate sector update, digital wallet products and promotion newsletter and other affiliate related work; and maintain a strong focus on affiliate advertising and promotion;

Monitor and participate in key affiliate recruiting forum and event activities to reinforce affiliate relationship - both local and international - as needed; engage front with current associates - handle enquiries, business negotiation and assistance and FAQ answers; participate in trade shows, special interest groups, regular reports on achievements and schedules.

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