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On-line Advertising Software

Advertising social media software reviews, comparisons, alternatives and prices. Improve your advertising efficiency with advanced mobile and desktop advertising software for professional marketers. Find out more about our programmatic advertising software. Advertising top analysis software : Control your Google, Facebook and Display advertising securely and to scale.

The best display advertising software in 2018

Google's DoubleClick provides ad managing and ad-serving solutions for businesses that buy, build or distribute advertising. Leading global ad marketeers, publishers, advertising networkers and agents use DoubleClick as the basis for their online advertising. DoubleClick's in-depth knowledge of ad serving, mediaplanning, query engine optimization, enriched content, visual, video, multimedia, and mobility helps clients leverage the power of DoubleClick's technology platform to more efficiently implement and manage all of their online and offline media strategies.

AdRoll's goal since 2007 has been to help companies survive in online competition and increase sales. High-profile retailers are using the AdRoll e-commerce platform to design their displays, advertising, social media and emails to work together to drive faster sales development. Based on industry-leading automatization and customization, brand owners are better able to organize, track, and synchronize their market activities.

Our performance-driven growth platforms sees 37,000 clients generating more than $246 billion in revenue each year. Seizmek inspires visitors with its people-based optimisation platforms. It is important in the online environment to create experiences that are inspiring to build useful and long-term customer relations. We offer strong, end-to-end tools that enable creativity and information to work together to optimize your campaign across all types of medium.

Zizmek runs its operations in more than 70 different markets, with offices in more than 70.... Demonstrate more customers offering award-winning services across North America, EMEA, LATAM and APAC, linking more than 20,000 marketers and 3,600 agents to an audience around the globe and servicing more than 2. Celtra's CSMP is cloud-based self-service software that manages the complete life cycle of your advertising assets to improve advertising impact while lowering overhead.

Provides state-of-the-art capabilities to create unparalleled market experience for displays, videos and natives and deploy them accurately across all media platforms and across all device types (mobile, portable, desk-top). It provides granular analytical information and advanced test and optimisation utilities to help you understand and.... At Marin Software, we provide industry-leading online advertising software for marketers and agents to capture, track and optimise millions of dollar of annualised advertising spending over the Internet and across portable consumer electronic equipment.

In contrast to other plattforms that utilize only proprietary tracing and technologies, Marin's products capture and sync audiences, sales, and context ual information from any resource across all major online advertising paths, resulting in better performances, better target audiences, and more.... Demonstrate more Italian ROI Marketungsprogram. Mediaptimizer is a digitally optimized advertising optimisation tool that will help you predict the best mixture of advertisements, classifieds and classifieds for your business and automate the process of executing your advertising campaign.

With our new Yahoo Gemini advertising solutions, your clients are where they are. At MediaMath, we are a truly multinational tech leader spearheading the move to transform the way people market their products and services through our TerminalOne Marketer Operating System? MediaMath is the only organization of its kind to provide the marketer with an expandable, open framework to demonstrate the performance of targeted large-scaled, enterprise-wide and transparent messaging.

View more information, automate delivery, and optimize interaction across all addressed assets by providing unmatched power, visibility, and oversight to all marketeers, giving customers a better, more personalized experience. MediaMath, which has seen triple-digit annual sales increases since its founding, has an established senior leadership staff that manages 15 globally operating offices on five major markets.

The most important customers are all the large advertising holdings, operator advertising companies and top names in all sectors. The Choozle - Digitally Advertising Made Easy® software provides a software based advertising solution that uses granular user information to control advertising programs across displays, videos, mobiles and other media from a unified, easy-to-use user experience. dataaxu® empowers marketers to use information to enhance their advertising.

TouchPoint? software allows you to interact with true humans through all your TV- and other channels and attract your consumers' interest when and where it matter most. Explore what you and our software can do at The Quantcast Advertise is based on our extensive dataset with our customers' unmatched real-time behavior while surfing. Trade Desk provides purchasers at a campaign scale with the most meaningful offering opportunities in the areas of store, full tunnel allocation, and granular reports that illustrate the consumer's path from first experience to convert. ownerIQ or "The Q" is at the front line of a disruptive process, supporting retail and brand owners in building true partnership and using the audience of their marketers.

Founded by ownersIQ, we have become the premier programming solutions for retail and brand owners and are the first of its kind to offer a clear second-party data exchange platform that provides a complete line of products for retail and brand owners to see the next stage of next -generation advertising through visibility, relevance and scalability.... Share more Ty. ownershipiq, 2017 Digiday's Signal Award winning for Best Datamanagement Platform, was also recently honored at the Ad Age BtoB Best Awards as CIOReview Magazine's Top 50 Retail Solutions, Boston Business Journal's Hottest Tech Companies to watch and Editor's Choice Award from Shopper Marketing Magazine.

At TubeMogul, we are an advertising software firm for digitally branded websites. TubeMogul gives your agency & your customers complete visibility with a unified viewfinder. The Buyer Cloud provides a high-performance consumer experience that enables your customers to achieve their audience goals and promotes unprecedented loyalty, leads and results. Flash Talking is an independently owned Ad serving and attributes technologies firm that provides premium quality advertising services, premium services and premium technical assistance to marketers, online buyers and advertising professionals.

Manage, deploy, and analyze all your advertising across desktops and mobiles. Provides a clamp down approach that allows publishers to make more intelligent choices and accurately run cross-channel campaign. The AppNexus solution provides the most advanced trade and marketplace solution for online advertising. The Kenshoo is a truly comprehensive software solution for businesses looking for insight into large marketing, scheduling and campaigning.

Uniquely, our unparalleled ability to provide comprehensive information across all of our consumer -facing platforms allows us to offer leadership in every single platform and allows our customers to make better choices. Some of these are Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Amazon Advertising, Apple Search Ads, Baidu, Yahoo Advertising, Snap and Yandex.

Simpli. fi Programmatic Marketing Platform allows the effective purchasing of target-oriented images on several real-time bidding platforms (RTB). The SteelHouse software is designed for brand owners, agents and marketing companies. SteelHouse Advertising Suite provides the world' premier brand with everything they need to conduct re-targeting and advertising surveys across displays, mobiles and communities with full visibility and controll.

Trademarks can display their audiences in live, endlessly segment, beautifully dynamically creatively display and monitor their performances on all machines with the industry's most complete report suites. The Perfect Audience is a self-service, enterprise-class cross-channel re-targeting self-service solution that allows publishers to author, administer and optimise their re-targeting campaign via Facebook, Twitter and the Internet.

With WideOrbit, you can control your advertising campaign activities - from quotations, order administration and disposition to the settlement of receivables and age. IgnitionOne' merchandising technologies and sevices make it easy to identify and retain your audience at important times of impact across multiple media platforms, encompassing searching, viewing, linking, and more - all on the marketer's own website - on any consumer preferred appliance.

IgnitionOne' solution converts more traffic, improves the ROI of advertising spending and increases the value of your customers' lifetimes. The heart of IgnitionOne are the patented Score-Powered marketing (SM) algorithm, which uses the historic and the.... Then IgnitionOne uses this point total to engage the audience through your online channel, personalise website contents, and more - significantly enhancing your market results.

Use the IgnitionOne framework to run your online advertising - or use it to improve the technologies you already use. It is a cross-channel and cross-platform ad server that is designed to meet the needs of publisher, advertiser, and advertising network. With it, you can create displays, mobiles, mobile web and more.

With Epom Ad Server, you get real-time analysis, enhanced targeted, a broad range of advertising styles, big size optimization, cross-channel advertising, a dedicated raw material management (RTB) environment, simple DMP and more. FLUIDUS is a digitally owned and operated advertising agency specialising in the production and sale of advertising videos. The Atlas is an ad server and measuring system basing on actual person and action information.

With years of manual analysis and optimization of advertising accounts for tens of millions of companies, we are convinced that software automization makes an advertiser's work unbelievably effective. Quit optimising by doing & use your own hands on your ROI with our unique ROI Optimiser Software Solutions. BrightRoll is Yahoo's programming advertising agency trademark for worldwide marketers and advertising agents.

BrightRoll DSP is independent of multimedia and offers privileged acces to Yahoo's rich database of one billion user and 165 billion everyday occurrences. BrightRoll's sophisticated programming technologies combined with flexibility in customer services delivery enable operators to achieve sophisticated brand and business objectives. The Viant Technologies LLC is a leading, people-based advertising technologies firm that enables publishers to schedule, fulfill and quantify their investment in physical assets through a cloud-based delivery system.

The Viant Advertising Cloud was created based on humans rather than using a cookie and offers advertisers 1 way to gain marketability. More than 2 billion registrated visitors, one of the biggest registrated visitor data bases in the word, which allows precision, coverage and responsibility to flow into cross-device advertising. Online-advertising can be stunning, especially when it comes to you against the big guys.

Consequently, you are driving invaluable site traffic to your site and achieving big-time results in your market. The BoostSuite provides 50x the power of the Google Display Network (GDN) through a blend of our unparalleled retailer-based targeted information and our patented automatic target selection algorithms..... With 5,808 marketers using BoostSuite, our Google Display Network click-through ratio is 2.12%, and our mean CPC is $0.07.

The Contobox is an award-winning enriched advertising space specifically developed for commitment to provide consumers with insight. The Contobox Display, Contobox Video and StoryTell allow marketers to draw an audience, get to know it and extend that crowd on any machine. In-house affiliate functions Waller? and Hashtagger enable brand owners to use their contents through key affiliate channel.

Contobox's three cutting-edge solutions provide unparalleled commitment, timing and branding for marketers, while at the same offering a powerful, integrated service..... The ONE by AOL is an open, multi-faceted package tailored to the individual needs of each and every marketer. Marketers have full command over their own information, with the option to select plug-in moduls to fulfill custom requirements.

Our consistent information and technological approaches increase efficiencies, reduce wastage, improve business efficiencies, and deliver true results. The Xaxis is a worldwide electronic mediaplatform that links advertising professionals with the audience in a program-controlled way. ADIGRITY provides online advertising solution through the use of displays, mobiles and videos. a-mo-bee] provides marketeers, agents, publishers as well as retailers with an integrated solution for online advertising technologies.

The AudienceScience is a digitized marketer committed to strengthening worldwide markets through the AudienceScience Gateway. Complete solution for advertising and retro-targeting. Videoology ( is a leader in convergent TV and video advertising software. Streamlining large volumes of information enables publishers and publishers to make more intelligent advertising choices to maximize the value of their on-screen audiences.

Mathematically and scientifically grounded, our technologies enable our clients to administer, meter and optimise the best results for converged advertising in the world. is a PPC environment that connects large marketers with high-frequency, industry-specific vendors. Adform Demand Side is part of the Adform Advertiser platform.

DSP can be acquired either as a stand-alone product or in combination with Adform's other advertising platforms, which comprise a high-performance ad serving system and a rugged datamanagement environment. Demonstrate a better understanding of your customers' needs and make Adform an expert in issues such as information protection and securities.

Make screen advertising easy, pertinent and worthwhile for recruiters, agents and editors. Adaptive advertising platforms. is an advertising space for contextual PPC, mobile, video and remarketing communications that enables marketers to engage a broader public through our proprietary real estate publishing ecosystem. Balihoo Software takes over the day-to-day administration of your Balihoo brand's on-site pay-per-click search and displays so you can concentrate on optimizing your brand.

Using advanced technologies instead of spreadsheets, the Balihoo engines run continually, making sure your campaign stays relevance, action, and data-driven long after it's deployed. Just think of it: combine your site listing with your own imaginative template to create hundreds of millions of localized displays in just a few moments. Utilize datatriggers to identify which sites and campaign are running every single-day, using real set-it-and-forget security.

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