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For detailed specifications please refer to the IAB Display Advertising Guidelines. Below are some tips on sizes and types of web ads. There are more expandable ad sizes here that you can explore. The following is a list of our most common display online advertising sizes. Ability to capture all social and digital scene specifications, sizes and dimensions in one place.

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Join our ad sizing guide where we tell you everything you need to know about the most popular ad sizes in the online advertising market. Our ad sizing guide covers every ad sizing need from the point of views of both individuals who want to advertise on their website and individuals who are considering purchasing online advertising and seeking guidance.

Each ad sizes contains both descriptive text, so you can see not only what problems you need to consider and solve from your point of perspective, but also what the other end of the telephone (or email) is all about. First of all, we have a small tailor-made overview for each group, so are you looking for advertising spaces or are you using online advertisements for your own advertising?

Are you trying to figure out what words refer to the ad size?

320x50em ( Mobile Ranking ) | Ad Size Guide

A 320×50, what is it? A 320×50 advertising device is an IAB Mobile Advertising Device with the following dimensions: 320 pixel width and 50 pixel height. These ad sizes are called Mobile Leaderboards or Smartphone Leaderboards. It' the big sibling of the 300×50, known as the Mobile Banner.

320×50 advertising units are most often used as displays on cell phone. AdSense is considered to be one of the best companies on the market. 300×250 is a powerful advertising block that Google AdSense lists, so it's definitely deserving of a try for new sites. That fact alone means that, where possible, it should be replaced by the smaller 300×50.

However, it is a very good way to monetize ad impressions. What's more, you can monetize them. Google AdSense has them as anchor advertisements - i.e. they slip into the viewing area at the bottom of the page and cannot be pulled away. The 320x50s are one of the smallest display sizes. They' re especially useful because they can meet people at a different point than traditional desktop adverts, and because they are acceptable to AdSense, a lot of stock is available.

In order to get the most out of a 320×50, make sure you get a succinct spread and clear, straightforward visuals.

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