Online Advertising facts

Facts about online advertising

That's almost a third of the world's population online all at once. On-line advertising budgets are Sky Rocketing. Have a look at some facts about Facebook advertising that may surprise you. In the past year, global spending on digital advertising exceeded television spending. Find out more about programmatic advertising with our programmatic advertising infographics.

Fifteen Astonishing Facts About Online Advertising

As one of the million small business owners who have not yet started to take full benefit of the relatively low prices and high returns of online advertising, you may be interested in the following facts. Enterprises using online advertising in 2014 will almost certainly see great advantages over "traditional" advertising opportunities such as wireless, TV and printed advertisements.

However, if you or your company still haven't made up your mind whether to significantly increase your online advertising spending or not, the following statistics can help make the choice a little easier: Advertising on the YouTube homepage will cost around $400,000. You can also distribute a well-written ad over your favorite sites and online communities, drastically increasing the ad's range without the need for extra investments.

YouTube will receive about tenfold the number of spectators receiving the Superbowl in one given monthly period. Video on YouTube is not restricted to 30 seconds, as is usual in a commercial for super bowls. Obviously, it's also much less expensive to make and publish a YouTube ad than to promote in the Superbowl.

Revenues from Twitter advertising are mainly generated by portable equipment, such as smartphones and tables. This equipment accounts for 65% of all advertising revenues. Advertising accounts for 87% of Twitter's overall turnover. In 2013, Google AdWords grew by 22%. More than 1.2 million companies will be advertising on Google's website from autumn 2012.

Mean click rates for a Google ad are 3.16%. Google receives 33% of all online advertising revenues (38.6 billion out of 117.6 billion). The Facebook site accounts for only 5% of all online advertising revenues. Approximately 95% of Google's revenues are earned through advertising. Facebook's ROI averaged 152% between 2012 and 2013.

In a recent survey of more than 200 billion Facebook advertisements, iPhone generated 1.790% more ROI on portable advertising than did ADRs. Facebook ad merchants increased their click-throughs by 375% last year. Here are some amazing stats that show how strong online advertising can be.

Much of these stats focus on the big advertising sites like Facebook and Google, but there are also many others that have proven to be very high-performing. Every business that doesn't even experiment with online advertising will find that it loses significant future prospects.

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