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New York City Jobs for Online Advertising Sales Jobs for Online Account Manager in Online Advertising Sales Jobs in New York. What does the online advertiser pay per year? Visit our Advertising Sales and Executive Jobs page. People who are looking for an advertising marketer: You can sell or advertise for advertising space, time or media in publications, signs, TV, radio or on the Internet.

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POWERFUL RELATIONS WITH PUBLISHERS. MORE THAN 2 YEARS AD SALES EXPERTISE.... GEOLOCAL EDITOR. One of the world's top publishers is looking for a energetic ONLINE ADVERTISING SALES MANAGER to join its squad. PLEASE NOTE: This roll calls for someone with sales expertise in online marketing. Provide a listing of the DMAs you are working with.

These are some of the other parts we specialize in in the media sector:

Advertisement Online Selling Jobs New York City Advertisement Online Selling Jobs

Consumers Activation Platform that enables consumers to transform their leads and clients into a true Influencer ecosystem. Our company's solution complements a brand's current branding, advertising, sales, marketing as well as societal information strategy to generate additional revenue, deliver a better customer experiences, acquire analytical property, and maintain 1:1 customer relations.

Our law practice is managed by a renowned group of executives, directors and consultants who have pioneered in the fields of communications, marketing and technologies in businesses such as Disney, Snap, Microsoft, Unilever, CBS, Viacom and others. Looking for an experienced sales pro who has demonstrated hands-on sales expertise with F1000 / Fortune 50-1000 and Unicorn brand names.

People with UGC and/or social media sales expertise who are targeting brand owners are also invited to submit applications. Company has activated customers for popular brand names such as Capital One, Clorox, Johnson & Johnson, Crayola, Rakuten/Viber, Chevron, Dr. Pepper, Microsoft, Citi, General Mills, Maroon 5, Boston Celtics, AEG, MasterCard, LâOréal, NBC Universal, Univision and many more.

Playing an energetic roll with world-class in-house creativity that delivers unique creativity and technology to its customers with a groundbreaking SaaS monetisation and activation approach for brand customers. Responding to extraordinary demand, Global Sales EVP is looking for an experienced sales representative who has worked perfectly in circumstances where our demand for sales performance has surpassed our markets' expectation and everyone has done their best to profit.

Sales Manager is in charge of the generation of significant revenues through the establishment and expansion of strategically aligned alliances with branded customers. Ideally, the sales manager is a self-starter, extremly energetic, very enterprising and well networked in the market communities of hypermarkets. You will have expertise in working with and safeguarding million-dollar and six-figure businesses directly with the F1000 / Fortune 50-1000 and Unicorn makes who want close customer contact.

Someone who is a former Advertising Sales executive who has resold to consumers will fully appreciate the offer. With a CMO or a CPG company's large CMO or CPG sales force member in the meeting room, this sales force member should have fun marketing products "with true results" that make consumers come back for more commitment because they work!

More than 6-10 years combined expertise in sales of press or promotional materials or in direct sales of branded goods to consumers. Contact with Social Medias, C2C or User Generated Content is a plus point. He must, however, have previous sales experiences with retail marks. Experienced in the introduction of new product / sales strategies for marketeers, creative people, marketers and/or CMO's for consumers.

However, the company's achievements with Unicorn Brands, Unicorn Brands and Consumers Brands of the Fortune 50- 1000 were deserved. Looking for a sales pro who wants to be rewarded for his relationship with the retail label, looking for tried and tested solution. Excellent negotiating skill and the capacity to do new deals and improve relations, as each of our brands requires extra commitment.

It' a great wish to be a winner at any price, as you know that you are offering tried and tested effectiveness and turnkey solution enjoyed by other consumer labels in the Fortune 50-1000 & Unicorn brand. Familiarity with and use of branded online content is a plus to appreciate the value and value that the company provides to "get through the walls of online content and technology" and truly delight people.

Commitment to SaaS and/or SaaS solution sales is a plus, but not a must. Skills in the activation of user and/or user generated content are very desirable. All of these gifted leaders in communications, technologies and corporate communications have one thing in common. What they all have in common is that they are passionate about their work. An individual who can understand the dynamism of consuming people, win over other consuming people to the world's top consuming brand names, while at the same time providing customers with instant customer experience and having first hand analysis without the limitations of social networking or technological barriers.

When you have the necessary sales expertise in retail branding.

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