Norwegian Affiliate Program

Norway Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program in Norway Affiliate Program in Norway. match-logo-blue. The best affiliate networks in Norway. This page contains partner programs from Norway. TinyDeal NO affiliate program leads your Norwegian website visitors to one of the largest e-commerce companies for electronic gadgets.

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Affiliate program for Air Norwegian Airlines

Norwegian was established in 1993 and, with around 5,500 staff, is the third biggest low-cost airline in Europe. More than 400 tours to more than 130 locations in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Thailand, the Caribbean and the USA. With our technologies working across websites, applications, and community networking platforms, you can concentrate on your core businesses, make more money, and eliminate the burden of maintaining multiple partner programmes.

The Norwegian rewards - Frequent flyer programme

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Norway Air starts Norwegian Air's first UK affiliate program

Norway Air is making its first trip to affiliate advertising in the UK to draw attention to a number of new "affordable" destinations that will be departing from Gatwick Airport. As one of the first carriers to use affiliate networking to circumvent the concept in favor of an in-house concept, the carrier has commissioned the Performance Horizon Group (PHG) and Vizeum to carry out the advertising campaigns.

PHG's Software-as-a-Service (SAAS)-based affiliate solution, ExactView, is engineered to allow companies to leverage their affiliate programs internally to better optimize and better administer affiliate marketing efforts worldwide and across different operating systems. Sean Sewell, PHG's Sean Strategic Research Manager, said the move signaled a move toward stronger brand focus on internal affiliate strategy.

"Amazons and ebay were the first to create their own internal affiliate platform, but we'll see how they work. There' been a development in the showroom, also in the exhibition area with demand-side platform (DSP), and we see ourselves as a pioneer in the affiliate area - it's a true value when brand names talk directly to their affiliates and their press agency leads the activity," he said.

Commenting on the publication of the first UK on-line perfomance marketer survey by Price Waterhouse Cooper for the IAB, his observations showed that over 800 million had been spend on affiliate marketers and leads in 2012, totaling 9 billion in revenues. Every year more than two on-line shopping trips are made for each UK grown-up and 11 pounds of turnover per 1 pound is spend, the UK reports.

"When you further drill down these IAB numbers, it shows that about 30 percent of affiliate earnings are generated through cash back affilates, 17 percent through coupon websites and another 17 percent through points like Nectar. "You probably have seven Affiliates who earn 60 percent of affiliate revenues in the UK there, which means there's a strong case to show that you can work more intelligently than hard and immediately work with two or three aggregate members and a further eight to ten Affiliate Members, and that's likely to make up about 95 percent of the total Affiliate Volume," he said.

The traditional way for a brand to use affiliate networking alone is the joint effort, but they are becoming more and more interested in getting more involved with their agency and outsourcing activities internally, Sewell said. "Travelling is a very sophisticated affiliate area, and there are some very well known affiliate affiliates in this area who are likely to generate 95 to 98 percent of your sales...if you know who your most important affiliates are, then you want to work with them on a more personal basis," he said.

"Norway Air is a forward-thinking business that recognizes the value of performing well. Within four-week time we were commissioned to establish and launch a partner program, which we accomplished through the enormous commitment of the staff here and the practical assistance of the PHG. Lines supported under the scheme range from 29.90 to Malaga, Nice, Rome and Barcelona, after a new link with Gatwick Airport was established at the beginning of the year.

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