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We' ll show you where your favourite features are hiding - along with some fantastic new ones! Take advantage of the latest features and updates in the new Google Ad Experience to optimize your campaign creation, reporting, offering strategy and optimization. Click in the AdWords New Interface, top right, on the first option that looks like the Graph square field. The PPCers discussed how the new Google Ads user interface had affected them. If you want to enable auto tagging under the new interface, follow these steps:

Four useful functions concealed in the new Google Ads interface.

Each one of us can now deal with "the new Google ad experience," the nickname Google that was given to them for the full revision of the Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) UI. That' s right, folks: the new Google Ads UI is now available to all marketers.

However, while it may seem intuitively appealing to the outsiders, experienced veterinarians will quickly stray in their quest for functions they have used a thousand-fold. Let's take a peek at five things hidden in the new Google Ads interface that should delight marketers and agents equally. Demographic targeting opportunities!

Recently, Google published Google Demo for Search Ads Target, a high-performance advertising toolset for advertisers to communicate their coverage and message to consumers of different sexes and age groups. Those targeted opportunities were immediately compelling for marketers from myriad industries. The old Google Ads user interface provided advertising companies with information on demographics.

Searching, at least, it seemed like this: Google's new user interface duplicates these targeted demographics so marketers can reach consumers by home revenue and parent number. Previously, only ad operators could look for the parent state. Similarly, previous advertiser could aim at sites on the basis of their comparative mean domestic incomes among their sites, but not at individual persons.

Both of these add-ons offer marketers added versatility in who and how to target different target groups online. Target parenting could be a critical factor for several sectors. However, experienced property and car recruiters could potentially benefit from this targeted approach and try to resell bigger houses or automobiles to bigger households!

Home revenue targeting can be particularly effective in assisting you in adapting your ads to target groups with different pricing sensibilities. When your products or services are competitive, advertise them in your advertisements aimed at low and middle paid target groups. Google's latest enhancement - Promotional Extensions - is included among the other enhancements (in the comfortably) re-named Ads & Extensions tabs.

New user interface provides many high performance reporting tools to facilitate analysis of your PPC campaign. Now Google Ads provides a visual view of click, costs and conversion breakdowns across your desktops, tablets and mobiles, making it easy to track your campaign and optimise your offering customisations. New Google ads also show Gantt charts and heat maps of how your ads behave on different weekdays and at different times of the week, making it easy to administer your campaign advertising planning.

It' good to see Google at last willing and willing to take some work off my hands. After all, with Google you can now organize both the words and the words within your words into cloud words, so you can quickly spot new keyboard concepts and find new bad ones for your campaign.

Marketers must rejoice at the new user interfaces, but they shouldn't yet have forgotten their old Google ad experiences. Even though it' strong, the new user isn't everything in the old Google Ads, at least not yet. Marketers may need to go back to the old Google Ads user surface to administer favorite functions such as screen remarketing audience and pricing enhancements.

Although these functions are expected to be approached by adding or consolidating before the new user interface becomes the user interface, the fact that they are not currently available to groundbreaking marketers makes it unlikely that many of us will be spending much of our lives doing all the real accounting work in the new user interface.

When you find something in the new Google Ads interface that seems arcane, out of place, or just interesting, let us know on Twitter and in the commentaries below!

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