New Advertising Ideas

Novel advertising ideas

These are some of the most exciting new advertising features and options available today. Creative advertising concepts bring something new and fascinating to attract attention. Brainstorming ideas that anchor the brand at a completely new reference point. Actually, they're not ideas. Advertising campaign Inspiration BMW ::

10 top ideas from marketing & advertising in the last 12 month

In order to promote its Office 365 softwares, Microsoft, in collaboration with Forbes and T-Mobile, has included a thumbnail hot spot in select editions of its May 6, 2013 edition. At the same time, the advertising agency Americhip's advertising campaigns helped promote the Microsoft cloud-based programme and gave Forbes' readers another excuse to take the book with them - to kill two birds at once.

Trademark sponsorship at pop music festivals can be great for companies, but can often restrict participants' choices. In order to promote commitment to the brands, Windhoek designed a system that allows enthusiasts of the OppiKoppi event, which will take place in South Africa in August, to order a free drink on their GPS-enabled smart phone and immediately get a can of free draught water to its rough destination, which will be supplied through the sky by dedicated aerialbots.

After Hellmann's was named to the Top 10 Food & Beverage Ideas last year for its Recipe Receipt brand innovation drive, Hellmann's came back to offer another great way to see the store. By the time the user placed a Hellmann's item in their cart, the screen showed possible ideas for a dinner that they could make with the other articles on the shelf next to them.

Turnover increased by 70 per cent according to the information provided by the group. It is a highly promising market opportunity for in-store advertising in the near term. It is clear that in the era of the web, the consumer knows much more about a brand and how to take their corporate responsibilities seriously. To present itself as a people-oriented enterprise, the Thai HomePro DIY market in cooperation with BBDO Bangkok developed The Other Side advertising campaigns.

Often the unsheltered people of the nation would put up street posters to make temporary accommodation, so the firm would decorate the back of their ads with wall paper and equip them with handy bookshelves and brackets. Used as HomePro advertising aids, they could then be used to improve the life of the less lucky.

Although there are different ideas about how best to use it, societal medias have become an integrated part of any company's marketplace. To open the new Karl Lagerfeld store in Amsterdam in April, the brand took advantage of consumers' wish to shop with relatives and acquaintances by putting an iPad in a locker room, equipped with an application that allows buyers to photograph their look, add a look and publish on line.

This shop also offers the possibility for users to post their comment on the Karl Lagerfeld Facebook page via trays in the room. The majority of organizations depend on a committed staff or a single person to take charge of their own people. Meevl broke with this tradition and wanted to build a collaborative environment that would help organizations engage their whole staff in on-line marketing initiatives.

Assuming that everyone involved with the organization could have good ideas for promoting the organization, the system allows managers to host contests and awards to motivate everyone to propose ideas for community based creative activities. Meevl not only promotes employees' motivations, but also assists companies to fully exploit the creative potential of their employees.

Every radio broadcaster knows that the sale numbers tell only part of the TV campaign track record, as the media is basically one-way only. AdYapper's online communications are designed to deliver this kind of open communications to those working in TV advertising.

Bringing audiences into the debate allows broadcasters to get an idea of why their campaigns have been unsuccessful or successful. Much of the societal problem does not have simple responses, let alone those that really appeal to the consumer and change their behaviour. It is probably uncommon for an advertising campaign targeting an alcohol drink to offer both a solution and a benefit to the target group.

But with the Brazilian AmBev and the advertising group AlmapBBDO, the Brazilian AmBev has done just that with the advertising slogan Bier Turnstile. Providing the party guests of the Rio Mardi Gras yearly with a free return trip home in return for an empty can of their Antarctic beers, the corporation at the same time eliminated garbage on the road, provided can recycling, cut beverage trips by 43 per cent, provided free transportation to the participants, and supported the Rio Mardi Gras brands, the Mardi Gras and the rail operator as a social entrepreneurs.

Personalised and focused advertising is experiencing a boom thanks to innovation like Google AdWords, but what about the physical reality? Rescue Drive, a concept developed for Orca Chevrolet by the Monumenta Brazil based advertising firm, aimed to provide a promotional event only for those whose cars broke down. In cooperation with a towing service provider, the marque was able to carry out test runs with customers who need a free ride.

Not only did the ad allow them to try out the mock-up at a point where they could consider buying a new vehicle, it also took full benefit of the good emotions associated with the act of friendliness. To avoid realising what the actual climate would be like, the Momentum Madrid advertising company, in collaboration with Coca-Cola, developed a dispenser that sells its Limon Y Nada drink, equipped with a thermal detector that detects how hot it is at the place where it was placed.

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