National Advertising


Share of the National Advertising Division (NAD). National Advertising Division monitors national advertising in all media and enforces high standards of truth and accuracy. Through the National Advertising Review Board. National Advertising Review Board (NARB) is the body that appoints the self-regulatory body of the advertising industry. If an advertiser or challenger disagrees with a NAD or CARU recommendation, he may address the decision to the NARB for further review.

Is national advertising?

National advertising has a particular meaning in that it is not limited to a geographical area within the State. Such advertising is mainly carried out by the distributor of a brand-name good or services marketed through various points of sale in the sales chain, irrespective of their location. It appears that the concept of national advertising implies massive commercialisation.

Actually, this does not necessarily mean that the products will be national. National advertising aims to provide information or reminders to the consumer about a business or a trade mark. Advertisements may aim to convey characteristics, perks, benefits or uses of the trade mark and to design or enhance their images in such a way that the consumer is prepared to buy them.

Such advertising is carried out by a producer and contrasts with a retail trader whose aims are completely different. Often national advertising will identify a particular audiences and try to build an impression for the products. If a new producer with less cash muscles, reduced productive capacities and sales know-how, etc., enters the market, it usually does not choose national sales.

Instead, he tries to resell his production in restricted market, and then slowly with better terms, slowly distributed to the other market. Often, even well-established businesses only launch new product launches in select market segments.

National Advertisers Confederation

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