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Online Mpu Advertising

What is the abbreviation for the Mid Page Unit (online advertising format)? The MPU stands for Mid Page Unit (online advertising format). Advertising on displays is cost-effective and still plays an important role in any digital strategy. GUIDELINES FOR DIGITAL ADVERTISING - WEBSITE. Examples of online advertising, Download Online AD Spec.

Up to 300x600 (Monster MPU or Half Page)

300×600? What's a 300×600? 300×600 advertising units are standardized IAB display units measuring 300 pixel in width and 600 pixel in height. Some 300×600 displays are also known as Monster MPU, Half Page Units (HPU) or Filmstrips. 300×600 ad can be placed in its own ad space, but is more often configured as a multi-size ad space along with a 300×250.

This 300×600 half-side advertising system is very succesful in advertising, both in output and in the quality of the order it has given it. However, it has not yet made it to the default ad playlist, as there are not enough pages intended for it (but it is on IAB's growing stars list).

300×600 ad sizes are normally placed on the side of a page, at the same location where an MPU would be, with the additional altitude of below the 300×250 slots. You can also run it in a 160×600 ad space, with the ad space extending to the right or right to include the HPU.

Measurements of the MPU Half Page Units, MPU Monsters or the filmstrip are 300 x 600 pixel and look like this: or look at a 300 x 600 example live: In general, you can generally expected a very high level of CPU for 300×600 displays, more than even a 728×90 or 300×250. Since this ad block is seldom used, it is best to use it as part of an expansive multi-size ad space with a 300×250. If you cannot build an expansive ad space, it can also be used in a multi-size ad space with a 160×600.

When you have a choise regarding the look of your website, you should keep enough room under your 300×250 so that you can place this ad in the same ad size. The advertising unity is often used in the context of sponsoring, so it should be placed on each page when used.

Usually this advertising block is very effective when used well, so it should be taken into consideration. The 300x600s are not very widespread on the web, so this commercial block should only be generated if there is at least one particular website you want it to run on. 300×600 is one of the biggest advertising devices available, so it should be used for interactivity or visual display to get the most out of it.

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