Most Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites

The Most Successful Affiliate Marketing Sites

The majority of people are interested in the smaller, more traditional niche locations. Then of course she is a very successful affiliate marketer. Let us examine the most successful strategies for creating affiliate marketing content. As an affiliate marketer, is it possible to be successful without a website? Find out how you can avoid mistakes in affiliate marketing with just a few resources.

Inspired by 7 Six-Digit Amazon Affiliate Sites

In order to supplement my 30-day period to create a sales case that I am currently posting, I thought it would be useful to emphasize a wide range of Amazon Associate websites that generate six-digit annual revenues. Now to be clear, I don't know how much sales these websites make however, I will use my branch expertise to speculate that every website earns at least $100,000 a year as affiliate earnings fee.

Have a look at the following samples, you bookmark them and use them in your research, let them inspire you and perhaps shape some of your own affiliate websites from the back of theirccess. The only thing they do is what the vast majority of us do when we set up affiliate sites with niches that target the best + reviews art clauses, they just did it on a bulk dial.

Your website does not look trendy, but it obviously works well - get inspired by this website the next times you want to set up a new affiliate website. This is the sibling site of the successful affiliate marketing site Tewirecutter, this site has done unbelievably well for itself, considering how little free it was.

It exceeded the amount of visitor to our first website,, by 600,000 per months, which is astonishing. Gear Patrol is another favorite of mine, at first sight it might not appear as an affiliate site, but instead as a website in magazinestyle, but underneath the innocent look is a sophisticated and simplified way of affiliate marketing.

There is very little spending of attention on detailed article creation, instead the emphasis is shifting to lay-out, aesthetic and high level visual language to suit every affiliate hyperlink. Whenever I look at this site or their big brothers, I can't help but think that they were inspired by our first example, ConsumerSearch. com Either way, it seems to work for them!

I would like to point out, however, as you will probably notice once you have entered the site, that it is not primarily concentrated on affiliate marketing and Amazon employees. In order to complete our 7 example six-digit Amazon affiliate websites, we have a classical example of an affiliate marketing website. The Wirecutter & The Sweethome proprietor Brian Lam (mentioned above) started his website in 2011 with the aim of creating high value website with detailed buyers' guide pages backed by genuine products reviews.

By 2015, the site achieved $150 million in e-commerce revenues (mainly from Amazon) and an average of 800,000 - 900,000 monthly visits in 2015. Wirecutter now attracts more than 10 million unique monthly visits and Brian has more than 60 employees in the industry. It' hard to say how much turnover the site is currently earning, but I would estimate from these 2015 numbers that it now has more than $1.5 billion in e-commerce turnover for 2016.

Second in our Amazon site inspection serie, this weeks I have another tier of a site that generates 3. 5 million unique hits per months, with 61% organically generated visitor numbers. Altogether a slightly different perspective for an Amazon affiliate, but something that definitely works for him! Of course, there are of course literally hundred of other samples in different marketplaces, as well as different language-based websites in different nations around the globe, all of which have their own angles for making cash on-line and earning income through Amazon Associates.

Be inspired by the above samples, connect them to SEM Rush and analyze their results.

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