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These statistics show the most expensive keywords in Google AdWords advertising. These are some of the most expensive keywords in AdWords: When your Google AdWords budget is tight, you want to know the most expensive keywords so you don't have to try to rate them. Have you ever wondered what the most expensive Adwords keyword is? These are the most expensive keywords you can bid on in Australia and the world.

25 Most Expensive Keywords in AdWords - Edition 2017!

Long ago, far back in 2011, when the age of the planet was still young and fidgety graphic artists weren't a thing, the searching engine marketer' s day was filled with traditions that "mesothelioma" was the most expensive word offered in Google AdWords, which cost more than $100 per click. How about using information from our free Google AdWords tool to see which Google AdWords had the highest cost per click (or CPC), which drove up your cost of promoting your site?

Infographics that we have produced on the basis of this information are still one of our most beloved and frequently associated with sites, but folks often ask us for up-to-date information. We have finished a new, extensive analyses of the keyboard keywords for five different languages in the English-speaking world (see also the GBP, CAD, AUS and ZAR data!).

On this occasion, we have identified the 25 most expensive catchwords (i.e. these market niches are supercompetitive) along with their mean CPC - and six years later, the results are significantly different! Will you be willing to see what the most expensive catchwords are in 2017? Between June 1, 2016 and June 12, 2017, we gathered all the information gathered from AdWords Performance Grader anonymized reporting in all industry sectors, then viewed the 1000 most expensive words seen in that space of view, and classified them by keywords.

Thus, for example, we have combined the catchwords "bail bonds" and "bail bonds loose angeles" into a unique classification because the main intention is the same. Key words relating to different kinds of attorneys (such as "malpractice attorney" and "infringement attorney") or insurers have also been grouped together. Last year we used a similar method to prevent using too many longtail or locale words that would not be widely applicable to a large number of companies.

As far as possible, we have separate different types of service (pest and termite control). We' ve also been filtering catchwords out of our record with less than 100 klicks. We' ve also removed non-English advertisements and copies (where both the catchword and the CPC were exactly the same) from this sentence. Call everyone who assisted with the compilation, analysis and visualization of the data: our analysts Josh Brackett, our web manager Meg Lister and our designers Kate Lindsay.

Which are the most expensive AdWords keys? 25 most expensive AdWords are as follows: Why are these words so expensive? In general, the cost of AdWords in certain niche markets is being pushed up for one of the following reasons: Desperately looking for help, individuals are willing to pay more for a service or product to solve the issue.

This means that the advertisers can demand more for these sevices, and they can often get a powerful return on their investment, even at high cost per click. Keyword related issues are an example: Well, the most expensive ones are in the categories "business services" - such as " information room" and "network safety monitoring" - most likely because these are expensive to use.

Enterprises that offer commercial value are willing to offer more per word because there is so much to win when a potential client converts, be it a large individual sale or a high-value consumer experience. The latest infographics showed that financing-related catchwords (such as loan catchwords and mortgages catchwords) are among the most expensive.

The law is still high on the list, and on aggregate the cost of keys related to juridical service is even higher ($54.86 per click versus $42.51 in 2011). All of you like to learn and "degree" is a very expensive key word (too good for those of you who do business in the university industry).

This year, travel-related catchwords such as "Hilton Time Share Reviews" appear in 13th place on the ranking lists. Google AdWords' most expensive search term is... Google AdWords? Would you like to know which of your favorite catchwords are in your business (and how much they cost)? We' ve redesigned our free of charge keyboard tool (currently in full beta) with a great function that allows you to sort your results by industries.

Let's say, for example, you want to find car-related catchwords, but you are in the financial sector and you are only interested in words that are pertinent to your company. Enter "Cars" and choose "Finance & Banking" as your branch and you will see such results: "However, if you choose Arts & Entertainment as your branch, you would see results like Autofilm and Pixel Cars:

It can really help you find only the right words that will help you create your own unique keyword campaign by identifying those words that are not relevant so you don't have to browse them yourself. How about the top 25 catchwords - were you astonished?

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