When your promotional account is set up for manual payments, you will learn how to add money to a prepaid balance used to pay for your ads. The Russians weren't the only ones who put "Dark Money" ads on Facebook. Erica Franklin Fowler, Dark Money Ads: Classifieds in USA, search coins, paper money ads. Democratic leaders react to the dark money advertisements of the Greens on the budget, stand up for seniors & people with disabilities.

Advertisements for bad cash encourage xenophobia, schism and not "welfare".

This is a black day in Tennessee and throughout the land, and not just because the fall night is getting longer. Advertisements financed by "dark money" -- state-sponsored organisations supported by state-sponsored billions of dollars that turn our democracies into plutocracies. The rich, rich and rich people.

According to USA TODAY NETWORK - Tennessee last weekend, external groups (and their affluent donors) have already spend more than $23 million to turn Tennessee's Senate races into a biased agony. A large part of this funding comes from non-profit "social welfare" organizations, super PACs in the region and their affluent, ultra-conservative or ultra-liberal supporters.

Non-profit "social associations", as defined by the Fiscal Code 501(c)(4), may receive indefinite donations from any sources and are under no obligation to make available to the general public the names of their contributors. "According to the Fiscal Regulations, the advancement of charitable causes does not involve participating directly or indirectly or intervening in policy campaigning on or against a nominee for official position.

Fiscal law allows these shadowy donors to campaign for the choice (or defeat) of a nominee for a Bundesamt - "as long as this is not their main activity". Consequently, the "social welfare" non-profit could spread any sinister and obscure message they liked. Discount clothes cannot directly add to a nominee, but they can give indefinite sums to a Super PAC that supports (or most often rejects) a nominee.

The Super PACs, under the control of the parties, can provide and issue indefinite amounts for (or against) nominees. Often they are obliged to register their contributors after an electoral period. Tennessee's two largest external spending vehicles in bourgeois Senate warfare are Super PACs backed by their own dark-money not-profits. This Super PAC receives funds from One Nation, a republican-led "welfare" non-profit organization.

This Super PAC is funded by Majority Forward, a Democrat-controlled "welfare" non-profit organization. Your Super PAC and charity non-profit paid $4.6 million for anti-Bredesen advertisements. So why don't non-profit organizations just pay their way directly into advertisements? There is also more protection for rich benefactors behind these "welfare" non-profits - from the conservative like Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brothers to the liberal like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg.

If you can, just go with the cash. It took them a year to review all available accounts for the 15 major groups of illicit funds, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the NRA, Planned Parenthood and Americans for Prosperity. Twenty-five of them considered FEC applications, fiscal declarations and company reporters, and they could only I. D. the resource of $1 of every $9 collected by these organisations.

Neither Republicans nor Democrats should believe how they have to cover black coin to win," said Zach Wamp, co-chair of Issue One's ReFormers Caucus and a former GOP congressman from Tennessee. "Guideline and candidate ideals should be encouraged by organisations that are proud to engage in our open arenas, not by mysterious front groups that have been created to fool electorate, conceal funders and use misleading tactics," said Tim Roemer, Indiana's democracy representative and co-chair of Issue One.

Congressional could fill the black hole and fill the bunny hole. You could ask all contributors to make donations publicly available, and all companies to make expenses publicly available - and make all this information available to the general public. 3. "In order to be tax-exempt as a organisation providing assistance (501(c)(4)", the Fiscal Code states, "it may only be run to encourage them.

" In order to achieve this, the code states: "An organisation must first and foremost promote the public good and the general well-being of the persons in the fellowship (e.g. through citizenship and improvement of society). "The harmful policy messages financed by black financiers do exactly the opposite.

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