Money Transfer Affiliate Program

Affiliate money transfer program

The Ria Money Transfer Affiliate Program. Our unique money transfer system allows new and existing money transfer companies to be up and running within hours. Locate the best affiliate programs with the payment method Bank Transfer. The affiliate program is a great way to earn some extra money. Some of the key benefits of our affiliate program are:.

Affiliate money transfer program

Contact our committed partnership group. With our committed partnership teams, you have the power, insight and 24/7 portals to track your customer portfolios in real time-and you can take advantage of them all. Talk to a committed account executive today.

Your customers' value lies in our first ever payment traffic hub. Provide your customers with a selection of customers and an expanded range of services. They' gonna like our basic values: 100 percent pricing transparency, as well as market intelligence and controls.

"Uh, my customers are in the pennyshop.

partner program

Make money today for your recommendations. Rev share payments can be debated, please keep in mind that the margins on customer payments are very small, so our clients like us.

A few frequent asked question by starters. Sign up today for free and talk to your account manager. What is the time it takes for you to check my affiliate request? Partner requests will be considered and you should get a reply within 3 business working days.

Will I need a LifeURL to become an Affiliate? You can find more Affiliate FAQs here. Today, please e-mail your account manager in charge. Do you fight for contents to be published in socially accessible medium?

Simply take the email's top line address and include your affiliate links at the end. You can for example split this contribution. When your audiences prefer to see a fast moving movie rather than reading text, we have a number of brief movies that you can use to make affiliate purchases.

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