Money to Watch Ads

Ads money to view

This time it's about the users earning some cool money by looking at the ads. And the secret of making money without pain has been revealed. Just download the Keettoo Android App and you'll earn money every day just by looking at the ads...

. Borrowing movies online is much less popular than streaming things with a subscription or even free with advertising. Provides consumers TV, cinema access in exchange for viewing ads.

The Google Player will allow designers to make more money by letting viewers view ads in return for reward.

Google GoPlay Store's gaming section is by far the most beloved application section on Android. Handheld gaming, however, simply gets more focus from the developer because they know how much money a good handheld gaming can earn if it is used correctly and profitably. A few developer have chosen to offer their gameplay at an up-front rate, while others have chosen the free-to-play approach.

Whatever methodology a development engineer uses, Google has now created a way to make money while at the same time rewards the users. Over the past few years, if you have ever gambled in any type of cellular phone 2P gaming, you are likely to have been flooded with a huge number of micro-transactions. Usually these plays have two types of currencies in the play - one that you make during the play and one that you make slow in the play, purchased with genuine money or both.

But there is a new tendency that gives the users an in-game reward and at the same time lets the developers earn some money from the most economical cell phone gamer. This happens in different ways according to the type of play, but you are often given the opportunity to see a promotional videotape to get some kind of bonuses.

These bonuses can take the shape of dual currencies in the hand for 10 mins, an added opportunity at a certain stage or anything else that may be beneficial to the player. Designers could use Unity Ads to append this functionality, but now Google has said they'll integrate it into the Google Billing Library or AIDL with just a few added APIs.

That means the designer doesn't have to include another SDK in his app or gameplay, which should cut the cost of this additional monetisation option. It' s based on Google' Admob engine, so designers have easy acces to the large number of marketers they work with.

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