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Advantages of Mobile Video Advertising. Extend reach by adding Mobile to desktop video advertising campaigns. So why should your banner or video ad run in an an-app compared to your browser? Always get the best mobile ads for music, video and media. The differences between mobile web and mobile app environments.

New video formats to connect users via the mobile web and applications.

During the last year, we've worked on a way to expand the scope of your video campaign to include those outside YouTube, especially as they are spending more and more hours with applications and websites on their mobile device. Now you can use outdoor video ads, a new video ad style designed for mobile use only, to increase the appeal of your video creation to more prospects.

Outside ads enable an increasing, cost-effective and visible audience beyond YouTube. Advertisements are displayed to Google video affiliates, which are high-quality publishers' sites and mobile applications that allow you to display video ads, such as TrueView Insstream and Banner ads. If you see outdoor video ads on a mobile display, they start playing back soundproof.

Then, a person can touch the display to turn on the audio and start the video again from the beginning, or just scroll further. An ad must be able to be seen in any given contexts to increase its effectiveness, which is why our outdoor video ads are billed on the visible consumer price point (CPM).

That means that any imprint you are paying for is visible on the monitor (as per) the MRC standard. As well as offering our powerful view and our unparalleled coverage, you can use our Mark Interest Hoist to track the increasing interest in your mark or your products, which is evaluated by an increased amount of or YouTube organ search.

Our out-stream video ads complete our effective coverage for YouTube: the perfect addition to our range: TruView for range and jumper displays. Now you can get even more from your audiences through the mobile web and applications with a video ad that' s built for the way mobile users are reading, playing, deleting and scrolling. For more information, visit the AdWords Help Center and integrate out-of-the-box video ads with market recognition and target achievement into your campaign.

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