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In recent years we have watched all dozens of stories about the great success in the world of mobile apps. Use this guide to help and show you how to create a high-quality business plan for your mobile app based on a set of key elements. In business, everything revolves around consideration. The most important thing a mobile app offers consumers is brand awareness and communication. I would like to talk today about mobile apps in combination with business and why you should think about developing a mobile app for your own business.

Getting into the mobile app business with little money and no coding knowledge.

Computer languages: Can' t tell you how many e-mails I get from people who ask me how to get into the mobile app business. I will introduce you to the instruments, ressources and actions you need to take. I' ll even show you some tips to create your own applications without having to be a programmer. In the next few months I will be writing more about how to really get the business of making it work.

We' ll take a look at the Google Player Shop and the App Shop in this issue as they are by far the largest of them. As soon as you have completed an app, you must post it to the App Store and each organization will go through a verification procedure to verify that your app meets the fundamental QSOs ( and unfortunately these QSOs are very low) and make sure that you do not embed any Malware or other atrocities in the app.

As soon as they are approved in the App Store, the two app providers will start listing your applications and you will receive a commission of the sales value. Apple established the App Shop, paying 70 per cent of the retail value to the developer and taking an average of 30 per cent for themselves. Whilst Apple's 30% reduction looks like a huge amount, those who have been in the business for a while know that this is actually quite a good one.

To get into the action, you need to register for each App Store. Google Player requires a Google Account, and then you can go to the Developer Console and get your $25. Now, you need to create an app. Below, I will guide you through a series of app creation utilities that will help you create your first app without having any knowledge of coding.

You will want to thoroughly research them, because the skills of these utilities will help you decide what you can and cannot do. Of course, you won't be developing a new, groundbreaking utility that takes advantage of all the features of smart phones and tables. When you use an app creation utility for non-programmers, you're quite restricted to forms and data-based applications, mobile websites, and gaming.

Nevertheless, I will first recommend that you try to prevent mobilised websites. We' re all used to getting our website contents for free, and a mobile app that just re-formats this information is unlikely to create an App Storefront sales. How you can earn cash with mobile websites is by connecting businesses with their own simple websites and providing them to turn them into free applications.

Formular-based applications are applications that interoperate with entering and storing information for later use. They are relatively simple to construct and you may be able to construct something grounded in an area of you have. Of course, a game is a game. Gaming is the hotest part of the mobile app arena, but at the same time it is the busiest and most difficult part of the world.

However, making a puzzle just for its own sake is a lot of fun, so you might want to give it a try. Keep in mind that applications are inexpensive compared to Mac and Windows applications. Getting to the point, and here's a big note, almost all of the largest donors are offering free downloadable applications and in-apps.

Honestly, if you want to make cash, I would suggest you begin with the in-app shopping business paradigm. I don't like to buy in apps myself - but you can't ignore the fact that the models are successful. When they find value, they are far more likely to buy your in-app upgrade. We' ll take the big leap and make your app.

Instead of repeating myself (well, I suppose I've just done it!), in this paper I'm going to provide you with four simple gadgets that you can use to go ahead and do it yourself. It is a beautiful utility for integrating your application with your application. It also offers a relatively broad set of functions that you can include in your applications, such as GPS location, alerts and more.

It has a high performance drag-and-drop player that is good enough to create a Angry Birds or Flappy Birds type play. Imports graphs and maps behaviours and builds your matches from there. There is a free release that contains advertisements, but there is a $299 release that eliminates the advertisements and makes in-app buying available.

When you want to make cash playing online, you need in-app buying and these people make this relatively simple. Regardless of which platforms you choose, you need to submit your screen shots to the App stores. The best selling tool you can have is a movie of your app.

As soon as you have created your app, you will be able to download a movie to both apps. Though Google Play has been supporting introduction movies for a long time, only recently did it introduce this feature with iPOS 8. You have to put life to the test before you hand in your app. The majority of applications can't endure encounters with fathers, so this is always a good way to test.

It'?s your app loading night and you'll be a millionaire by morning. However, go back to the development link I provided at the beginning of this post and include your applications, good description, symbols, video tutorials and screen shots. When I first handed in my 40 stupid iPhone applications, the mean waiting period was 13 of them.

I' ve been informed that it's much less (for most apps), but your odometer will probably change. Your e-mail message saying that your app is on the App Store can be one of the most thrilling you'll ever get.

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