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AdMobix is a performance based mobile marketing network for advertisers, publishers and online affiliates. Their goal is to create a marketplace where affiliates can generate the highest possible revenue and advertisers can deliver high quality leads that lead to action requests. Explore the best mobile affiliate companies. We' ve developed MindMe as a powerful and affordable marketing platform that leverages the power of the mobile phone. Earn money with the YeahMobi mobile affiliate network.

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The Cheetah Ad Platform is the premier mobile ad space for Cheetah Mobile Inc. (NYSE: CMCM), which works with the world's top brands, publishers and creators to connect and connect with a broad audience of customers worldwide. The Cheetah Ad platform combines the best-rated, category-leading Cheetah mobile applications with a worldwide ecosystem of more than 1,000 selected editors and uses more than 1 billion mobile devices to provide massively scalable worldwide coverage, data-powered insight, and market responsibility - allowing affiliates to grow their businesses, connect with customers, and maximize their ROI on mobile branding investments.

Checketah Mobile is the second biggest creator on Google Play and the third biggest on Google Play & Apple's App Store put together, according to App Annie in June 2015. By March 2015, Cheetah Mobile has more than 440 million mobile MUs. The company's business-critical solutions, which include Clean Master, CM Security, Battery Doctor and Photo Grid, help make the Web and mobile experience faster, easier and more secure for consumers around the world.

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One of the most rapidly expanding areas in affilate advertising is mobile. To be successful, marketeers everywhere integrate mobile into all facets of their affilate strategies. Featuring insights into mobile activities in a wide range of high-volume programmes, we have compiled a top 15 Affiliates listing that promotes mobile trafficking and converting.

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Affiliate mobile networking offers a platform for application users to find affiliates to help them with their promotional strategies. In this way the applications can be monetarized and attract mobile webcommunication. As the number of mobile applications in the various application boutiques increases, it has become imperative for application users to have a mobile application marketplace that involves affiliates.

Marketing specialists can use the traffics provided by various advertising companies. It is also a good choice for those who do not have enough expertise or who need a very particular objective and do not have the tool to find it. Affiliates work under Cubase PPA (Cost per Action), so that, for example, when installing the application, the owners of the application have to foot the bill for the affiliated work.

A few mobile affiliates can also use the revenues sharing scheme, they take a percent of the sales they generate.

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