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Newcomer in Mobile Affiliate Marketing biz? Affiliate mobile marketing is growing at incredible speed. What exactly does mobile marketing involve? I'm constantly asked if I do mobile affiliate marketing. How does Affiliate Marketing work?

2017 Top Mobile Affiliate Networks

Mobile Affiliate Network is a mobile network that acts as an intermediary between mobile marketers, such as mobile application users or companies that offer a mobile web sales channel for a specific item or services, and mobile web marketing companies (or "publishers") that provide performance-based marketing for the former. Either the Affiliate Per Payment (CPA) scheme works when an affiliate receives a rewards, when such an activity as an application installation or product/service sale occurs, or the Affiliate Per Payment (Revenue Sharing) scheme works when an affiliate receives a certain percent of the revenues they earn for an advertiser.

As a publisher and affiliate, you have the opportunity to earn significant sales with the right amount of content in your website. By identifying a publisher that is particularly good at converting to a particular kind of offering (e.g. dating), advertisers can achieve a much higher level of e-commerce or total return with affiliate ad than with traditional cost-per-click adware.

Furthermore, intelligent partners or medium purchasers can achieve a profit by purchasing and optimizing revenue to createrbitrage between their costs and the value created by your offer. This can be a challenge on a mobile phone, however, as a large number of different settings (device, OS, etc.) need to be monitored and administered.

With a large number of mobile applications on the mobile phone rental shelves, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to make a living with their applications and it is therefore vital to find an alternate distribution route. Affiliate application networking allows publishers to utilize their existing advertiser relationship and gain exposure to visitor offerings across multiple industries and sites.

Getting advertiser with a certain amount of demand for advertising is a job that appeals to companies and affiliate marketeers are not easily able to work themselves efficiently. See below the lists of some of the best affiliate application networking on the web that you are considering and that you can work with to increase sales of your applications or items that you are selling on your mobile phone.

Buttons is a New York-based mobile monetisation solution for mobile application and website users established in 2014. Its unmistakable button-like advertising style integrates smoothly into any mobile application or website surface. Platforms provide a timetable with real-time display power information. Amazons Mobile Affiliates enables publishers to monetise mobile applications they sell through the iPhone Store, Google Player Store or Amazon Marketplace by providing either tangible or intangible content.

One of the great advantages of the Amazon website is that it is backed by the Amazon trademark, which increases its credibility for mobile use. Affiliate Programme includes both 10% commission for making your first purchase through an affiliate and commission for all successive sales made by the same mobile user. Affiliate is an affiliate programme of Apple Inc. for Apple App Store partners to provide affiliate partners with the ability to receive commission for mobile app promotion and other premium paid marketing of mobile applications and mobile assets housed in the Apple App Store.

The ClickDealer is a worldwide perfomance merchandising firm established in 2012 by Max Polyakov in Menlo Park, USA. One of the company's special features is its emphasis on maintaining close relations with marketers in order to create more favourable terms for the company's publisher. An additional characteristic that distinguishes the company's affiliate programme from others is a reward programme that offers a range of reward opportunities for ClickDealer affiliates.

In addition, the firm provides publishing houses with a specific range of lists that are always less than a fortnight old. Power. The Mpire Network provides performance-based advertisements to help mobile application marketers attract new subscribers across the entire mobile market. Our groundbreaking portal usxus® handles more than 6 billion datapoints every single-day and thus improves your campaigns efficiency.

The Kimia is a premier on-line ad serving service with worldwide coverage. Kimia Smartlinks provides ad serving companies with a state-of-the-art monetization solution, website publishers with a self-service site to monetise their visitors, and publishers can join the Kimia Millionaire Club to gain entry to their unique 20% offering based on their own unique markets.

Part of Fibonad Group, Mobile is a mobile perfomance ad sales group. Over 20,000 publishing houses have been attracted since 2012 and offered high levels of e-commerce penetration. is a mobile trafficking tracker, optimisation and monetisation software. Test and integrated mobile campaign to build optimised hoppers for any affiliate, publisher or medium purchaser type of buisness experience. has 3 mobile trafficking concepts that allow you as an affiliate marketeer, novice or more seasoned to immediately begin implementing deals. You' get all the utilities you need to monetise up to 99.9% of your data flow. Whatever is more suitable for you, you have everything in-house: service, highest possible converting offer, optimisation and last but not least individual consulting by our affiliate managers.

Main features: global reach, 12,000 listings, committed technical assistance, $100 free deposit, Mobidea is a mobile affiliate ecosystem focusing on consumer protection ads. Mobidea allows publisher to receive monthly cash via PayPal, ePayments, Payza, Paxum, FirstchoicePay and Wire Transfers. It provides real-time optimisation opportunities for affilates to concentrate their effort on top conversion of offerings.

Mobile Ad is a mobile ad and games published by Robin Duan established in March 2013 in Hong Kong, China. Its Mintegral monetisation solution houses more than 500 application development companies and handles 2 billion ad impressions per day in over 1,000 applications with 97-99% utilization. The AdCombo is a Campaign Point of Sale marketer focused on developing strategically profitable relationships between marketers and publisher to monetise their revenue.

A feature that distinguishes this business from other mobile affiliate networking is the ability to leverage the cash on delivery approach, which means that a publisher has to pay for a purchase made over a telephone call. Affiliate site of the business for exclusively high-quality online offerings. The Wewe Media is a mobile media services provider offering mobile media companies mobile media services, mobile media services, mobile media services and SmartLink services.

Wewe Media's Wewe Media division is made up of affiliate marketers with 6-7 years of affiliate market research expertise. The TrafficShark is a mobile communications market intelligence that currently focuses on 1-click, 2-click, pin-flow, SOI and lottery vertical. Distributors from more than 100 nations around the world, from areas such as Russia, the CIS, Asia, Africa, the USA and Latam. It is a cost-per-action-based distribution system that covers all your promotional needs. It provides trusted distribution resources and distributors with new businesses in order to secure the monetisation of your traffics.

Founded in 2009 in Germany (launched in 2010), it is now present worldwide. adminitad has its own independent, state-of-the-art in-house payment system, payment services on demand from 10 US dollars, a wide range of state-of-the-art payment processing solutions and world-renowned brand names. Keyword: adminitad provides outstanding conditions! Main features: fraud protection technology, cross-device monitoring, thumbprint monitoring, advertising tool box, anti-cookie technology, deep-linking capabilities, cross-device monitoring, in-house platforms; Billy Mobile is a performance-based affiliate ecosystem with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain.

Billy's affiliate platforms give advertisers 100% utilization in all jurisdictions where they operate, and the effectiveness of advertising campaign is supported by the use of AI algorithm and usage information. Established in 2008, and headquartered in Madrid, Spain, Mobile Solutions is a mobile performances marketer. Helping mobile application developpers monetise their trafficking, it provides advertising campaigning on a worldwide basis for advertising network to keep their load factor high, and offers best ecpm for medium-buyer.

Mobilobeat's ad management solution provides a number of optimisation utilities to help optimise campaign execution in relation to click-through, convert rates and post-installation key figures - commitment, LTV and buy. Headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland, Cpamatica is an affiliate ecosystem covering European and North and Latin American mobile advertising marketplaces.

As soon as publishing houses register for the Cpmatica website, they receive the first payout within 10 working day, and publishing houses are remunerated every Thursday. 2 percent recommendation programme, user -defined publisher eligibility option, user -defined advertising creative for each offering, Doberman Media is an affiliate ecosystem that provides publisher with select eligibility opportunities, high rate and a wide range of pay per choice, unlimited pay and support for such profit vertical as applications, mobile phones and game.

The Paysale Group is a leading global provider of mobile services and services, focusing on 3 vertical businesses - matchmaking and dating, mobile subscription and stick submission - for advertisers, publisher, media buyer and agency. Addxmi is a China-based mobile affiliate ecosystem for mobile application development and affiliate partners. This allows creators to monetise their applications by using customized ads, interstitial, video and OfferWall ad format and allows advertisers to earn money from their mobile audience.

The Blackfox is a performance-oriented marketer established in 2012 in Richmond Hill, USA. Its affiliate platforms provide content management services for highly trafficked premier content providers, large socially subscribed content providers and companies with many subscription accounts. Blackfox provides a way for advertisers to earn money for those target groups, for those with a large number of supporters on affiliate sites.

Associates with a large number of subscription customers get the right tools to offer products of relevance to those who have confidence in their brands. Myundomedia is a performance-based ad agency headquartered in Canada. More than 30,000 editors are connected to 2k+ ads, the business delivers content through 2k+, 2k+, CPA, CPI, and PPC, and provides support for mobile, screen, search, community, and e-mail across a range of revenue streams.

Multi-media vendors use offerings from verticals such as mobile applications, gaming, downloads, amusement, health, finances and gaming. MAXBUNTY is a Canadian domiciled performing arts networking firm established in 2004. Our company's main objective is to balance the interests of both sides of our affiliate and advertiser market.

There is a more than 1,500 campaign portfolios for choice by the affiliate, covering industries such as market research, nutrition, dating, finance, real estate, social games and more. Perform ances right. The DAU-UP ClicksMob is a leading provider of mobile customer acquisitions and sales maximisation services with worldwide reach in more than 200 markets.

It delivers performance-based acquiring and monetisation of users for the world' top applications in all industries including games, e-commerce, gaming, travelling, entertainment and more. The DAU-UP ClicksMob provides fully administered customer recruitment service using its own ad purchasing technologies, in-house creativity lab and teams of customer loyalty executives, campaigns executives, industry experts, media professionals, engineering professionals, design professionals and writers.

DAU-UP ClicksMob, a XL Media (AIM: XLM) affiliate, has been active in the on-line media sector for over six years and is part of Webpals Group - a premier global and multi-sector business performer. The Cheetah Media Link is a mobile top publisher media performances contracting engine powered by Cheetah Mobile.

Hosted by over 500 marketers, it operates 1,500 advertising promotions in more than 200 nationalities. Cheetah Media Link provides publisher with a lightweight, easy-to-integrate SDK with all of the above advertising entities and a dedicated technical sales force experienced in advertising across a range of markets. World' s best publishing houses monetize with Cheetah Media Link.

Strom Mobile Performances is a Cologne-based mobile performance networking firm established in 2011 by Florian Lehwald. It provides a simple and resilient CPA-based mobile web commerce monetization solution for marketers, Publishers and Application Development companies. Stroer Mobile Performances enables a publisher to generate revenues over the lifetime of its customers, i.e. after the first payment of the initial outpayment.

Affiliate site offers custom statistics reporting, 50 Euros min payment and recommendation programme to take advantage of other publishers' recommendations for the Stroer Mobile Perfomance networking and generate 5% revenues. The Yeahmobi is a performance-based mobile ad agency established in China in May 2009 by Peter Zou and Frank Wang.

It is one of the oldest and most entrenched affiliate application networking sites, Yeahmobi mobile affiliate platforms serve advertisers, publisher, media buyer, advertising and affiliate networking sites who are bringing their own affiliate offerings to market on their platforms. Affiliate networking provides support for a variety of vertical offerings, including mobile subscriptions, mobile application downloads, games downloads, lead creation, m-commerce and more.

affiliates can advertise deals on various kinds of trafficking, in particular - view, incentieren, pushen, e-mail, redirect, popularize / under, natively and app-discovery. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, Avazu is a self-service advertising marketplace for publisher. Its advertising platforms cover more than 130 states and 85% of the world's web-surfers.

Through the establishment of multiplier bureaus in Europe, North America and India, the firm has been able to establish sound working relations with a number of affiliate companies and one of the world' largest affiliate application network. Avazu' s provides several ad sizes to affiliate customers such as banners, pop-ups, floats and videos to expand the e-commerce platform and increase sales.

One of the keys to a successfull affiliate application ecosystem is the relationship with the advertiser and the capability to offer the publisher high value content in many geo-locations and vertical. Second is the levels of client outreach, provision of education material and trainings to help affiliate marketing companies increase sales.

Ultimately, the provision of extra incentive in the shape of a loyalty programme, awards and competitions often makes the affiliate's choice to favor certain affiliate networks apps.

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